Anti-Fascists protest outside Cuban consulate in Veracruz, Mexico

Few things will get the goat of fascists like calling them fascists. Usually, these fascists spend much of their propaganda time calling everyone else a fascist, as the fascist Castro dictatorship has been doing for more than five decades. So when a group of anti-fascist demonstrators assembled outside the Cuban consulate in Veracruz, Mexico to protest the Castro regime in Cuba, you can be certain that the fascist dictatorship in Havana was not at all pleased.

Via Punto Cuba (my translation):

Anti-fascists protest against Castro regime in Mexico

Members of the Popular Movement of the Anti-Fascist Resistance carried out a protest against the Castro regime in front of the consulate in Veracruz, Mexico. The activists hung signs and photographs of murdered opposition members such as Oswaldo Paya, Laura Pollan, and Harold Cepero. They also shouted slogans against the Castros, accusing them of being “fascists” and in chanted support for “liberty” in Cuba, for political prisoners, and freedom of expression.



One thought on “Anti-Fascists protest outside Cuban consulate in Veracruz, Mexico

  1. One of the most powerful tools in a fight against a person, a corporation or a government is the use of language. This is something that the Cuban regime has understood since its inception [thanks to tutelage from the former U.S.S.R.], but the exile community [with the exception of luminaries like Reinaldo Arenas], has not. Instead of calling the castro regime “communist” we should call it fascist. We should have started doing that years ago. I remember going to anti-castro demonstrations many years ago and the exiles would call the other side, “communists!,” without realizing that that name didnt bother them. While they would call use everything in the book from “right-wingers” to “fascists” which packed a more powerful insult in the mind of the majority of population.

    In fact, the real right-wingers are the castro brothers. If a right-winger is understood to be the opposite of a “leftist” or a “progressive” [that advocates for humanistic change, or at least this is the way that it is understood in popular parlance], then castro far from being a “leftist” or a “progressive” is the total opposite, since he has sunk Cuba in an anachronistic time warp where there has not been any significant change for 54 years, whereas, the exile community on the other hand constantly changes. Most of us, have different views, some of us are Republicans, some Democrats, some are conservatives, some are not, some are environmentalists, some support the exploitation of natural resources, some support gay marriage, others traditional marriage, some support amnesty for illegals, others don’t, etc… You get the picture. What most of us have in common is a deep desire to see Cuba liberated and an abhorence of the tyranny. The tyranny on the other hand is a cold ossified and unchanging right-winged nightmare.

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