Are Liberals Waging a Covert War on Hispanics?

May I please ask my Babalu friends and family something? I am not of Hispanic origin (you guys adopted me!), but is there a liberal insult building against Hispanics in this country … for some reason? Given the pending immigration bill, and knowing this administration’s (with the complicit MSM) bullying tactics on people that oppose them, or are in possible danger of opposing them, is there some sort of underlying campaign to get Hispanics in their place before all those prospective ‘legal’ Hispanic voters join the fray? Are liberals/democrats now a bit worried they may have taken Hispanics for granted, that there may be some remote possibility of their voting habits swinging in a different direction in the future? Well, will ya looky-here: “CA Republican Wins Seat in Dist. with 60% Hispanics, 22-Pt. Dem Adv.”

Andy Vidak, the Republican farmer, won the special election runoff for the 16th District Senate seat when his opponent, Democrat Leticia Perez, a Kern County Supervisor, conceded on Wednesday, a day after voters cast their ballots. Vidak had 54% of the vote to Perez’s 46%.

Perez had initially conceded two months ago when the special election was held. But a recount put Vidak under the 50% threshold that was needed to avoid a runoff, and Perez took back her concession nearly a week after the initial election. The seat became vacant when the Democrat, who won the seat in 2010 by 21 points, resigned to work for Chevron. Democrats thought, especially with a Hispanic female candidate, the seat would be a shoo-in for them. The veto-proof supermajority Democrats have in the state Senate is now imperiled with Vidak’s victory.

As Breitbart News had previously reported, though, “Vidak, a working class candidate, resonated with working class Hispanics in the district who also saw how coastal California elites were not putting their bread-and-butter interests first.”

Would the following examples be ignored if they were promulgated by a conservative media outlet, or a republican First Lady? This really is in need of some serious discussion.

First there was George Zimmerman who was first deemed a “white Hispanic” (and according to that biological logic Barack Obama is a white African-American), and then as the trial progressed was nothing but a “white” racist gunning for an innocent black teen. (Remember, “minority” people. You lose your racial heritage if you wander off the liberal/democrat plantation and dare think for yourselves.)

Now we have Michelle Obama’s recent admonishing comments to Hispanics while speaking at the NCLR…

I am sorry but it must be said, this is the woman whose own rear-side needs its own zip code, and over the last five years we have come to realize there is not a plate of food she doesn’t love to stuff her face with … on our dime.

An added bonus in all of this … the trickle down from the always disgusting Anthony Weiner and his current ‘sexting’ scandal has resulted in a reaction from a fellow NYC mayoral candidate

And then there is the Chicago teachers union that traveled to Honduras to discuss “revolution” with its leftist former president Manuel Zelaya…

By the looks of things, Chicago’s education system must be in tip-top shape.

Why else would members of the Chicago Teachers Unions be jetting around the world and focusing on global issues rather than the academic issues facing their district?

For two weeks at the end of June, about 20 teachers and students traveled to Honduras to meet with their teachers union counterparts from that country, to learn about the “Honduran resistance movement,” and meet with the deposed former president, Mel Zelaya, according to an account posted on Honduras Resists.

The published account states members of the CTU met with Zelaya to exchange ideas “about the struggle for a world where human lives have more value than private profit.”

Is the CTU planning to bring a Central American style revolution to the U.S.?

Victoria [last name redacted], a 17-year-old Chicago high school student, said of her meeting with Zelaya, a one-time ally of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, “Meeting the ex-president was powerful and intriguing. This meeting gave me hope. The president had a thought that not one politician in the U.S. has acknowledged, ‘what can I do to help those who doesn’t [sic] have everything they need?’ It gives me hope but it also puts into perspective the cruelty of the U.S. government. Our system needs to be torn down and rebuilt with the bricks of freedom, peace, humanity and this can be achieved through revolution.”

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I guess all those other Hondurans who deposed the guy for staying past his Constitutional limits were wrong and don’t count?