Gedoutta here…


Aaaaah, shadaaaaap, aahlreddy…. Fuggedabouddit….. Gedlawst….. Yagattabee jokin’…..Whaddaya, nuts, or sumptin’?…..Whaddaya tryin’ to pass off, ya schmuck….

Put yah pants back ahn an’ zip ’em up fohrevah, ya poivoit …….

New Yahwk at its very best.


These little town blues, they’re melting away………..




7 thoughts on “Gedoutta here…

  1. So is this New Yorker cover with the phallic symbol between his legs as he plays King Kong meant to disgrace him or celebrate him? I am guessing the second.
    I liked that detail of the cell phone in his left hand taking a picture of his greatness. But what is that in his right hand?

  2. It’s a syringe; oversize. Obviously he’s shooting with both hands but….. well, not having read the article (& not planning to) it’s hard to do something other than leave the whole sordid thing open to interpretation.

  3. The object in Mr. Schmuck’s right hand looks like a syringe, yes, but it’s the spire that tops the Empire State building, which he has torn off. The symbolism is murky, at best. Maybe a reference to circumcision? Maybe simply no symbol at all, but the fact that the artist thought that the spire would detract from the phallic configuration of the skyscraper. If you want to get into symbols: Weiner (is he Dong Kong or King Dong?) is much larger than King Kong, who had to cling to the spire.

  4. How could he become Mayor Schmuck with this picture floating about?

    Here’s another curiosity. Usually the name Weiner is pronounced whiner, which also could be an appropriate appellation for this person.
    Leave it to him to pronounce it Weener to add to the joke of it all.

  5. Weiner, like Spitzer, is effectively mocking the public, since neither of them would consider political office again unless they thought there were enough people prepared to vote for a thoroughly disgraced candidate. Unfortunately, there are such voters, and they’re not isolated cases. Ask Bill Clinton, Mr. Popularity.

  6. The more I see of Weiner, the fishier his marriage to the Abedin woman looks. Somebody glowingly profiled by Vogue magazine cannot possibly have such horrible taste in men. The creep has schmuck written ALL over him.

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