New York Times has Cuba fever…. and the only prescription is heaping more praise on that island’s totalitarian regime.

Most excellent handling of hurricanes in the world. !!!!

Oh, yeah…. Cuba fever….. gimme more of that Cuba stuff…gotta have it.  Just like the Christopher Walken “more cowbell” sketch on SNL… exactly…

Last week, the New York Times justified Raul Castro’s harangue against the Cuban people, pointing out how ungrateful and lazy Raul’s subjects are, and how they just can’t appreciate the wonderful utopia created by the so-called Revolution.

This week, the Sacred Scriptures of the self-appointed thinking class has high praise for Castrogonia’s meteorologists and for the way in which the island kingdom handles hurricanes.

Once again, as so many times in the past, the NYT serves the interests of Castrogonia’s Ministry of Truth, promoting falsehoods, upholding the myth of the efficient totalitarian utopia that is way ahead of the United States when it comes to doing things the right way.   Even the old computers and the peeling paint on the walls in Castrogonia add charm and glory to their success.

Story after story.  Drip, drip, drip…. slowly, they hope to erode all negativity towards what they consider one of the greatest humanitarian experiments in human history.

This is a few steps up from the usual NYT fluff piece, in which the American intelligentsia is regaled with stories about transvestite politicians, funky artists, bicycle taxis, or some other such nonsense.  This is direct praise for the success of the so-called Revolution.

This piece also intends to prove that the USA and Castrogonia can in fact cooperate, and should cooperate, and that there is really nothing wrong with such cooperation because Castrogonia is not at all a repressive hellhole and a sponsor of terrorism.  Yeah, never mind that cargo aboard the North Korean ship last week; look here, look at this… pay no attention to the ship behind the curtain… this hurricane story, this is what matters most.

Oh… and, by the way….. while you’re happily distracted, don’t ask how it is that the Castronoid authorities evacuate people so efficiently, or how it is that they gather information on casualties, or how they fudge the numbers.

…and… lest you think hurricanes in Castrogonia can be tragic events, instead of concentrating on a depressing photo such as the one above, take a look at this one, which proves that hurricanes are actually fun in the Castro Kingdom: let’s go car surfing on the Malecon in a 1950’s American car… !!!!


Hurricane Tips From Cuba

HAVANA — Old computer processors whirred and paint crumbled from the walls in the National Prognostic Center of Cuba’s Meteorological Institute, set on a rise above Havana’s old city. Half a dozen meteorologists shifted their gaze between satellite images on large video screens and a giant overhead map of the United States.

They monitor the region’s weather every day, but their gaze grows especially intense in hurricane season. As the center’s director, José Rubiera, explained, almost every hurricane that strikes the Southern United States passes through Cuba first. “A hurricane that hits Cuba doesn’t ask for a visa before entering the United States,” he said.

This shared destiny has led to a rare truce between the two nations, which have had no bilateral relations for more than 50 years. Their meteorological agencies exchange satellite data, jointly analyze radar and collaborate on storm forecasting….

….“Cuba manages hurricanes well,” said Russel L. Honoré, the retired lieutenant general who commanded military relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. He has since become a specialist on disaster preparedness and has traveled to Cuba three times in recent years.  “We could be learning from them,”  he added.

Cuba consistently weathers Category 4 and 5 hurricanes with relatively few casualties. The Center for International Policy, a research and advocacy group based in Washington, says a person is 15 times as likely to be killed by a hurricane in the United States as in Cuba.

Whole disgusting piece HERE, if you like reading propaganda from the Ministry of Truth.



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  1. The NYT has remained loyal to the monster it helped spawn, partly out of ideological sympathy and partly out of arrogance, which makes it incapable of admitting it was badly wrong–criminally wrong, in fact, considering it has persisted in its “error” for over half a century. But yes, it is consistent, for what that’s worth.

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