And you thought American politicians were shameless….

Wait until you see what the “Cristinistas” are up to in Argentina.

This poster went up all over Buenos Aires today.  It links Pope Francis with  Cristina Fernandez Kirchner and her political party (also represented in the poster by one of its leaders, Martín Insaurralde).


Never mind that the Holy Father has locked horns with Cristina and opposes many of her policies, and never mind that she doesn’t have the slightest interest in steering her country or her ultra-leftist party according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The message: “Don’t be downcast; don’t let go of hope.”…..  Words from the Supreme Pontiff, or from Cristina?   Does it matter?

Lo peor de lo peor.  The lowest of the low……  Read about it HERE, in Spanish.

The opposition should translate and use this other poster, featured here a few days ago:






3 thoughts on “And you thought American politicians were shameless….

  1. Oops. Bad photo. Cretina looks like J-Lo after botched plastic surgery. And her little friend couldn’t look more faux smarmy if he tried. But he certainly looks very white and European, something Argentinians have long relied on to feel superior to other Latrines. Trouble is, a latrine, no matter what its color, is still full of shit.

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