Castro Kingdom finds another way to lure more Canadian tourists


Need a boob job, but can’t afford it in Canada?

Come to Castrogonia.  We’ll set you up with breasts the size of watermelons, if that’s what you want.  And it will only cost you a fraction of what you would pay in Winnipeg.

Never mind whatever complications might ensue.  We have the best medical care in the world, proven by our own fraudulent and misleading statistics.

From Malaysia, we get a glowing report on the excellence of Castronoid medical care, full of all of the lies that they spin so expertly down there, in that circle of Hell.

Imagine anyone dumb enough to risk surgery or any other medical procedure in Castrogonia.  Even if these medical tourists are treated at apartheid hospitals, they’ll still be getting bottom-of-the-barrel medical care.

Oh, wait, we don’t have to imagine anything: the Castronoid Ministry of Dollars is targeting Canadians.

Hey, hosers, once you’ve had your cosmetic surgery — if you haven’t died from an infection and are not too disfigured — you can switch your visa from “medical tourist” to  “sex tourist” and also claim your “misery voyeur” certificate, which entitles you to two free mojitos with any adult whore and five with a child prostitute.

And… take a look at some of the satisfied patients:


From the Malay Times:

Cuba looks to medical tourism as income source

HAVANA, July 30 — Football legend Diego Maradona blazed a path for Cuba to become a medical tourism destination when he traveled to the island for drug addiction treatment in 2000.

Since then, thousands of other famous and not-so-famous faces have traveled here for help, and the government wants to build on that success.

Drug rehab, post-accident motor skills rehabilitation, treatment for eye diseases and plastic surgery—foreign patients can get all of these services and more in Cuba, and at competitive prices.

Cuba has long been known for producing quality doctors and providing excellent medical services, and as the communist government of President Raul Castro seeks to revive the island’s moribund economy, it is turning to medical tourism as a revenue generator.

Cuba’s main source of foreign income is the sale of medical services to other countries—legions of doctors and nurses, who are public employees, travel abroad to work following an agreement with the host country.

While this generates billions of dollars a year, the related field of medical tourism is still in its infancy.

Servimed, a government-owned for-profit medical services company that caters to foreigners, has website pages in Spanish, French and English, the last two aimed mostly at Canadians.

“Cuba is a poor country which has placed its priorities in the right places, which is to say, in education and health services,” reads the site.

“We offer the opportunity to be seen and treated by qualified doctors without the delays that one would encounter while trying to visit a doctor in Canada.”….

At Havana’s Cira Garcia Clinic, reserved for foreigners, breast augmentation surgery costs US$1,248, compared to around US$6,000 in the United States, US$4,350 in Britain and US$2,500 in Mexico, according to figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Much more propaganda-laced drivel, and a few more facts HERE.