8 thoughts on ““Because we USED to Love Him!–But It’s all OVER Now!”

  1. Question for Babalu’s resident curmudgeon and grammar expert: If one guy (Fidel) screws a bunch of others (in pics above). should caption be “Te Jodieron” or “Los jodio?” (or something else?)

  2. It should be “los jodió,” which means either “he screwed them” or “he screwed you” if the you is plural. “Te jodieron” means “they screwed you,” with the you being singular. Linguistic purity is very gratifying, if I do say so myself. Of course, I’m not as pure as I would be if Spanish had remained my first language, but if that had been the case, my purity would be, well, overwhelming.

  3. If a Che bio was titled “Yo, el Mejor de Todos,” mine could be titled “Asombra: La Pureza Insoportable.” Catchy, no?

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