Cubans love those ‘reformas’ so much that they leave the island!

A guest post by Silvio Canto, Jr.:

Cubans love those ‘reformas’ so much that they leave the island! family was part of that big “outflow” of Cubans back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

We left because our parents wanted us to grow up in freedom. They saw the ways of communism and decided to leave everything and start fresh in the US. At least, their kids would have freedom! I’m thankful that they made that sacrifice.

The Castro propaganda machine, and all of their useful idiots in the West, always said that we were the privileged, the rich, the CIA agents, “los Batistianos” or the people who supported Batista, “los latifundistas” or the landowners who exploited the people, etc. They also said that we were not suited for the “new model man and woman” that the revolution was creating.

I guess that they didn’t think that we were “cut out” to be that “new man” that Che Guevara spoke about many years ago!

Since we left, others have followed.

In 1980, the Mariel boat lift brought 100,000 Cubans to the US. They left when Castro said: “Those without revolutionary blood…we don’t need you…”

So they left!

Others left in rafts and some did not make it! I remember a young couple who left Cuba in a raft and survived miraculously without water for days.

I recall the story of the young man who stepped out of a raft and was greeted by a reporter.

“Why are you leaving? Don’t you appreciate free health care and education”?

The young man looked at the reporter: “There is more to life than lousy hospitals or getting indoctrinated”!

Just now, we read in Reuters that Cubans are leaving again:

“According to Cuba’s annual demographic report for 2012, 46,662 Cubans migrated permanently in 2012, the largest annual figure since more than 47,000 left the communist-ruled island in 1994 after what international observers dubbed the “Rafter Crisis.”

Over the last five years, Cubans have been emigrating at an average annual rate of more than 39,000, the report said, higher than in any other five-year period since the earliest years of the revolution.”

That’s a lot of people leaving all of those “reforms”, “free health care” and the wonders of a “workers’ paradise”.

As my parents once said: “Esto es una mentira” (“This is a lie”).

Yes, the whole revolution is a lie indeed. Unfortunately, it is a lie that some in the international left still want to believe!



One thought on “Cubans love those ‘reformas’ so much that they leave the island!

  1. Yes, the “revolution” is a lie, a whopper, but that need not make any difference. Those who don’t have to live under it, who aren’t affected by it and pay no price for it can still choose to believe it, and some of them actually do. It is, after all, a very appealing lie to a certain kind of mindset. It was a very appealing lie to most Cubans, at the beginning, but it was much easier and less contemptible to believe it then than now. These days, most people who seem to be useful idiots on Cuba are much more useful than they are idiots. But yes, they can choose to act as if they were too stupid to see the obvious. If nothing else, it pisses off “those people,” which is always amusing.

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