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In a rational and just world one would expect the discovery of Cuban armaments and munitions on the good ship Chon Chong Gang to be the top news story of the day.

But we don’t live in such a world.  Instead, we all live in a madhouse.

Google “Cuba” news, and what do you get at the very top, and throughout the following pages: article upon article on the grossly insensitive moron who paddled his way from Havana to Key West on a surfboad.



Tennessee musician becomes first to paddleboard to US from Cuba

A Tennessee musician on Friday became the first paddleboarder to cross the Florida Straits between Cuba and the United States, making the 110-mile journey in 28 hours as his father watched from a support boat.

Ben Friberg, 35, arrived in Key West, Fla., dehydrated and exhausted but otherwise in good shape.

Before leaving Cuba on Thursday, Friberg said he was “doing this to promote peace an understanding between Cuba and the United States and to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

The guitarist and band leader from Chattanooga stood on his 14-foot-long board for most of the trip, sitting only for quick snacks. The crew of the support boat that accompanied him on the journey included a medic and a navigator.

Friberg was decked out with a long-billed cap for protection from the sun, close-fitting long sleeve shirt, open fingered gloves and shorts cut off below the knee. Special socks shielded his feet.

More HERE…. and the BBC will supply you with video of this earth-shaking event HERE. ..Has the BBC ever supplied video coverage of dissidents being abused in Castrogonia?



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  1. “Doing this to promote peace and understanding.” What is this guy, a transgendered failed Miss America contestant who’s still in beauty pageant mode?

  2. The whole thing looks and sounds asinine, not to say juvenile, but this is exactly the kind of Cuba story the MSM will go for, while ignoring matters of infinitely greater significance–and I mean deliberately ignoring them.

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