What could possibly go wrong?

Runners fall in the path of an Alcurrucen fighting bull and steers during the San Fermin festival in PamplonaHere’s a golden opportunity for the Castro Kingdom: 

The running of the bulls is coming to this side of the Atlantic.

Never mind how this is going to be received in the United States.   You can be sure that the bulls will be sedated and their horns wrapped in thick foam rubber.

Perhaps the Castro Kingdom should add itself to the list of locations in which Pamplona-style corridas are going to be held.  (see map and article below)

Unlike Canada, the U.S., and EU countries other than Spain, Cuba can wave all of the safety requirements.  In fact, it can improve on the Pamplona festival by holding it 365 days a year in Old Havana, with its narrow streets.

No Cuban would be crazy enough to do this, so the only ones risking their necks would be tourists.

The number of injuries would be phenomenal. Imagine the revenue at the tourist-only hospitals.  Deaths would be immensely profitable too, for the sky would be the limit on what the authorities could charge to return the corpses to the dear loved ones back home.

Old Havana would be perfect.  After all, it was one of Hemingway’s haunts, just like Pamplona.  And all the runners get to wear red.


Coming to America: Running of the bulls events planned for U.S. cities starting August 24

*The Great Bull Run will happen at several U.S. cities starting August 24 in Richmond, Virginia
*The event is modeled off the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain during the festival of San Fermin
*The tradition is extremely dangerous will people getting gored and even killed regularly
*The event organizers are changing parts of the run to make it safer for American participants

Organizers of a new event planned for several U.S. cities plan to unleash bulls to sprint through fenced-in courses as daredevils try to avoid being trampled.

The Great Bull Run is inspired by the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

It’s set to kick off August 24 at a drag-racing strip south of Richmond, Virginia. A second event is planned for October 19 at an Atlanta-area horse park that hosted events for the 1996 Olympics.

More events are planned later for Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Bull runs – when the animals are released to run alongside participants as spectators cheer – are common in Spain and can drum up controversy.

Injuries often occur, as do deaths, though they are much rarer. Some groups attack the treatment of the bulls used in the runs.

About 5,000 people have signed up to participate in the Virginia event, and the number grows by about 50 each day, said Rob Dickens, co-founder and chief operating officer of The Great Bull Run.

And with 2,000 signed up for the Conyers, Georgia, event, Dickens expects 5,000 to 7,000 to run there in October.

The U.S. events will last one day each, unlike the annual weeklong festival in Pamplona, when bull runs are held every morning.

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