Bombshell revelation by witness implicates Cuban dictatorship in murder of prominent dissidents

The Miami Herald has coverage of the bombshell revelations from the interview with Angel Carromero, the Spanish citizen who witnessed the Castro’s regime’s assassination of prominent Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero.

Carromero: Payá was murdered by Cuban secret services

Angel Carromero, who was sentenced to prison in Havana for the death of two Cuban dissidents in a car accident, said in an interview published Sunday by Spain’s daily newspaper El Mundo, which was subsequently reported by the news service EFE, that Cuba’s secret service murdered Oswaldo Payá.

Meanwhile, Ofelia Acevedo, Payá’s widow, said she hopes Carromero’s interview “will add clarity about the attempt on my husband’s life.”

In an interview with El Nuevo Herald Sunday night, Acevedo said that she and the rest of her family never trusted the Cuban government’s version of the accident.

According to EFE and El Mundo, Carromero also said that he is convinced that Payá and another dissident leader who accompanied him survived the accident. “The nurses and a priest,” he was quoted as saying, “assured me that all four of us were admitted at the hospital.”

Carromero recalled that on July 22, 2012, the day of the accident, he was driving to Santiago with Payá, Harold Cepero and Swedish citizen Jens Aron Moding, when he realized that a blue vehicle was following them, the reports said.

“We were headed to Santiago and we had already been followed three times during the trip,” he was quoted as saying. “[Close to ] Bayamo, a blue vehicle began to follow us. We were annoyed because they were very close,” said the reports. Carromero was also quoted as saying that that he could see the driver’s eyes through the rear-view window, and that when Payá saw the car, he said that he could tell the car belonged to communists by the color of the license plate. “Angel, keep on going and don’t stop,” Carromero said Payá told him, the reports said.

Carromero said the car hit them from behind and threw them off the road. He said he became unconscious, according to the reports.

“What happened next, as I remember, was, like, men carrying me to a van with sliding doors like the ones used by Cuba’s State Security, and I screamed, ‘S–t, who are you and what the f–k have you done to us.’ Then I lost consciousness again. I think they hit me with a rifle butt because I had a gap on my head,” the news reports said.

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Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter has a translated transcript of the interview:

Angel Carromero

Question. What happened that July 22 in Cuba?

Response.We were going to Santiago and they had already followed us on three occasions during the journey. In Bayamo, a blue vehicle begins to pursue us. Harassing us, it comes very close. So close that I could see the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. Seeing the car, Oswaldo says, ‘They belong to the communists because of the color of the license plate. Angel, continue as if nothing. “

Q. – Do you accelerates at that time to try to escape?

R. ‘On the contrary. We did not want to give them an excuse to stop us. It was also impossible to go fast, the road is very winding and full of potholes.

Q. – And what happens next?

R. The car smashed into us from behind and knocks us off of the roadway. I lose consciousness. The next thing I remember is how men put me in a van with sliding doors, such as those used by Cuban state security, and I sream, “F*+k! who are you and what the f*+ck have you done.” Then I lose consciousness. I think they hit me with the butt of a gun because I have a breech in the head.

Q. – Did both Cuban dissidents come out of the accident alive?

A. – Yes, I’m quite sure. The nurses and a pastor assured me that four of us had entered the hospital.

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6 thoughts on “Bombshell revelation by witness implicates Cuban dictatorship in murder of prominent dissidents

  1. If this scenario involved a right-wing regime, it would have been automatically assumed guilty from the start, and after what has come out since Carromero got to Spain, absolutely nobody at all “respectable” would even begin to question that. Sorry for stating the obvious, but hypocrisy sucks.

  2. Can you imagine if this had happened in apartheid South Africa and the foreign visitors had been black Americans? O-M-G.

  3. This is not what he said in front of Cuban TV right after the accident. He caved in to pressure like a good Christian Democrat that he is.

  4. The problem is not that Carromero caved in. If he’d been a leftist who caved to a right-wing regime under duress, he’d get copious understanding and sympathy. The problem is that he’s accusing Castro, Inc. of serious crimes, and whatever can be used to discredit or dismiss those charges WILL be used, certainly by the usual suspects, let alone the regime or the contemptible Spanish.

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