Operation Peter Pan was a CIA scam, says the prestigious Latin Times


From today’s edition of the prestigious Latin Times:

(Jeff) Bezos, 49, was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a teenager mother whose marriage to his father lasted little more than a year. Not long after she remarried three years later, Jeff’s stepfather Miguel Bezos legally adopted Jeff and moved the family to Houston, then Pensacola, Florida, and finally to Miami-Dade. Miguel Bezos was born in Cuba and came to the United States alone when he was fifteen as part of Operation Peter Pan – a CIA-run program which spread rumors that Fidel Castro’s government would be forcibly putting children in military schools and work camps,

Latin Times editor Ernesto Sanchez

“Ernesto Sánchez is the Editor In Chief for The Latin Times….Ernesto joined IBT Media in April of 2013, after being Digital Managing Editor for People En Español at Time Inc., and working for Univision.com where he held diverse roles. He began his career as an entertainment journalist for the newspaper Reforma in his native Mexico.”



5 thoughts on “Operation Peter Pan was a CIA scam, says the prestigious Latin Times

  1. Hey, you just blew my cover with those photos!
    And my brother too….
    Damn, now I can’t fly down to Caracas tomorrow to do some basic destabilizing and rumor-spreading.

  2. “Latin” Times? Mexican editor? You don’t say. Well, they’re being true to their people, which would be admirable–if the people were. But really, with SO many assholes of all stripes all over the place, we need to be more selective and discriminating. We have to stop giving Latrine assholes so much notice. Latrines are simply beneath contempt, and taking them seriously is doing them too much honor. We have to accept that we should expect nothing from them except the same old garbage, so let’s just write them off and be done with it. If they ever manage to get their own shit together in their own countries, maybe we can talk, but not before.

  3. And yeah, Carlos, those glasses are a dead giveaway. You were obviously a CIA operative from the start.

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