Widow of murdered Cuban dissident calls for an international inquiry into his assassination

Via The Miami Herald:

Payá’s widow urges international inquiry into husband’s death

Oswaldo Paya's widow reacts on Monday, Aug. 5, 2013, in Miami  to Spaniard Angel Carromero's latest statements about the circumstances surrounding her husband's death. 
The widow of Oswaldo Payá, a Cuban dissident killed in a car crash in Cuba last year, said in Miami on Monday that the driver’s statements over the weekend that Cuban secret services assassinated her husband make all the more relevant an international investigation of the tragedy.

The reason, said Ofelia Acevedo, is that in his statements to the Madrid newspaper El Mundo, Angel Carromero, the driver of the crashed car, said Payá and another dissident, Harol Cepero, were alive after the crash. This suggests, she added, that both were murdered later.

“This is why we must continue demanding and seeking support for an international investigation,” she said. “Both the people of Spain and the people of Cuba have the right to know how and where they were killed.”

The 30-minute interview with Acevedo provided the first comprehensive Payá family reaction to statements by Carromero to El Mundo that Cuba’s secret services murdered Payá. Carromero is a young politician who belongs to Spain’s ruling Popular Party (PP). After being arrested in Cuba, he was found guilty of vehicular homicide, but was released under an agreement with Spain that he would serve out his sentence in his home country. He is currently under supervised release.

Acevedo was quoted with a brief reaction in Monday’s El Nuevo Herald, but in the interview at her home she added details and provided her own analysis of Carromero’s statements, especially those in which he said Payá and Cepero survived the crash.

“For us this is all very hard,” said Acevedo. “Although one suspected from the start that this was not accidental, that someone confirms to you that your husband was alive when he was pulled from the car, is to say to me ‘your husband was murdered’ because the impact didn’t kill him.”

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6 thoughts on “Widow of murdered Cuban dissident calls for an international inquiry into his assassination

  1. Good luck with that. They’ll just stonewall, deny, delay and create distractions till the dust settles. They know they’ll get every benefit of the doubt and as much slack as possible, as has always been the case. This is a very old game.

  2. What was done about the men, women and children murdered in the “13 de Marzo” tugboat massacre? NOTHING. And yes, there were plenty of surviving witnesses. The world is simply full of shit.

  3. Do you think this will make the front page of any mainstream newspaper? Do you think anyone cares (besides us)? Still, the more we publicize it….
    But I agree that there will be no real consequences for the perpetrators, unfortunately.

  4. Carromero has no credibility because he was filmed in Cuba saying that it was an accident and was grateful to the government for their assistance. Cuba will always point to that video to call him a liar. Unfortunately, Carromero lacked the testosterone needed at the right moment.

  5. Antonio,

    Carromero’s lack of credibility has nothing to do with the pressured confession that he made under threats inside Cuba. I for one don’t blame him for giving in to the regime’s ferocious intimidation. They were trying to pin murder on him and his spinless government [Spain] wasn’t defending him. To boot, the world media was reporting the official castroite version. This is the problem. If this government hit had taken place in a country like Pinochet’s Chile, Cedra’s Haiti, pre-apartheid South Africa, the Shah’s Iran, or Somoza’s Nicaragua [in other word’s any American ally that was preceived as being right wing], Carramero would have instantly been believed. There would have been NO credibility problem whatsoever even if he had lied. Look at how the world willingly believed the pathological liar, Rigoberta Menchu.

  6. Carromero would be universally believed if he were a leftist accusing “fascists.” The problem is not what Carromero did, but rather that he’s “right-wing” and accusing a leftist regime of murder. In other words, the problem is HYPOCRISY.

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