Why I won’t be attending Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium

And why I pulled my post on the event. Yasiel Puig. Yes, he’s a great ball-player, and thanks to him the Dodger’s are in first place in their division. Yes, I think the Cuban community more than deserves their own heritage day at the stadium. Not only are they great Dodger fans, but have also made great contributions to the city and area.

Weeks ago a photo turned up of Yasiel in a Che shirt. Supporters declared that it was photo-shopped. Babalu’s Henry Gomez tracked down the story behind the shirt, and based on that, I believe the photo is real. I chocked his willingness to don the shirt up to youth, indoctrination, and ignorance on Yasiel’s part, but that ended any admiration I had for him, and you may have noticed I didn’t mention him in the Heritage Day post, that is why. Regarding the Heritage Day event, I’ve tried to separate this one player from the event, telling myself that it’s not about the one player; there are other Cuban players, and really the event is for the community. So I ignored my unease, and with ambivalence, mistakenly backed the event.

No longer, not after reading this:

ESPN: Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig said Monday that he could see himself playing for Cuba, if defectors were allowed to play for the national team one day.
Puig was asked about the possibility because of a recent meeting between Dr. Tony Castro, the son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and Oakland Athletics Cuban-born outfielder Yoenis Cespedes in Toronto. After that meeting, there has been speculation that Cuban baseball authorities might someday allow some of the Cuban defectors in Major League Baseball to compete in tournaments such as the World Baseball Classic.

Puig declined to comment specifically on the World Baseball Classic, saying “All I want to do is focus on baseball, whether I’m playing for Cuba — where I was before — or with the Dodgers.”

If defectors are allowed to play? Not when Cuban players are free to choose where they work, and where they live, and he declines to comment, well, I’m declining support.

Daily, members of the Ladies in White, Hablamos Press, UNPACU, and other dissident groups and individuals in Cuba are beaten, arrested, and yes, sometimes murdered. Silence is complicity.



3 thoughts on “Why I won’t be attending Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium

  1. Maybe Puig is a dumb jock. Maybe he’s still contaminated. Maybe both. Make that probably both. The Che T-shirt business I could almost overlook, since those shirts are largely meaningless fashion items for most people, but the bit about playing for Castro, Inc. if “allowed” is seriously repulsive. Well, lack of dignity happens. As for “Dr.” Tony Castro, he’s probably no more a real doctor than Che was, or as much of a real doctor as his uncle is a real general. Puig is pitiful.

  2. If i decided to go it would be to support Cubans like Jose Fernandez who is having an amazing season!! Puig is growing old by the day. That little tantrum he had in the dugout on Monday says a lot about who is he! I say we send him back now to play for Cagastro.

  3. I was thinking of going but now will definitely not attend. It’s just about the money for him, and playing baseball. He probably doesn’t even get how insensitive and offensive his comments are.

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