Cuba: Imprisoned dissident rapper calls on Cubans to continue fight for freedom

The plight of imprisoned Cuban dissident rapper El Critico could be a great cause for Jay-Z and Beyonce to take on and show the world they are not an insensitive, elitist American celebrity couple only interested in enjoying fine cigars and expensive cognac while visiting Cuba as VIP guests of the Castro brothers’ apartheid dictatorship. They could do a lot for this fellow Cuban artist by refusing to be tools for the Cuban regime and just speaking out.

Contrast the courage of this Cuban musician who continues speaking out for freedom from a Castro gulag and the cowardice of American musicians who allow themselves to be used as propaganda tools by the most vile, repressive, and murderous apartheid dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

‘El Critico’ speaks from prison, exhorts Cubans to keep fighting for freedom

During these days, authorities of the Las Mangas Prison of Bayamo have been threatening jailed dissident rapper Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga “El Critico” – who has been unjustly jailed since last March – with suspending his right to one weekly phone call.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise after the young musician recently established communication with some brothers in struggle, taking out a message of resistance from behind the bars in an audio which has circulated throughout various media outlets.

The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) published an audio message on their YouTube channel, in which Angel Yunier, who is also an activist of the mentioned pro-freedom group, described how it is to live in the dungeons of the dictatorship.  He pointed out a number of cases of inhumane treatment inside the prison, which include cases of medical negligence and physical abuses which have cost the lives of various prisoners.

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One thought on “Cuba: Imprisoned dissident rapper calls on Cubans to continue fight for freedom

  1. Jay-Z and Beyonce are too shallow to do anything, but where is the American music industry? Where is the united outcry against the imprisonment of a fellow performer? Didn’t the Grammy’s make a stink because Cuban Americans wanted to protest their inclusion of official artists from Cuba? Can’t they make a stink about this? Aren’t they always giving Grammy’s out to “brave” political groups like Calle 13 who are protected by the American Constitution and risk nothing whenever they perform a protest song?

    Worst still, where is Emilio and Gloria Estefan? Surely with their connections and influence in the music industry, they could make a difference.

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