Gloria Estefan and Upcoming PBS Special

Gloria Estefan

Cuban-American Mega-Star Gloria Estefan is one of the celebrities invited to participate in the “Latino Americans” documentary, which aims to recount the history and consequences of the Latino community in the history of the United States over the past 500 years – that’s back to the time when Juan Ponce de Leon landed on the eastern part of Florida in 1513.

The documentary will air on September 17 and then on three consecutive Tuesdays on PBS – during the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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11 thoughts on “Gloria Estefan and Upcoming PBS Special

  1. Mrs. Estefan can go pound sand. When I saw her schmoozing with Obowma, I realized this miserable woman learned nothing from Cuba’s communist takeover. Why don’t you go back, you traitor.

  2. Exactly Ziva, this is where Gloria belongs as a “Latina” [or to quote Asombra, a Latrina] on PBS. I feel no sense of ethnic pride for that woman. First of all, because she’s proven herself to be an opportunist who is more interested in making money [as if she doesn’t have enough already] than in the Cuban cause. Little does it matter that she owes her start to Cuban Americans who bought her first LP’s, went to her first concerts and used to hire her [when no one else would] to play at local Quinceneras and street festivals. When she had to attack Cuban Americans as intransigents because we didn’t want MIDEM in Miami [and GOD FORBID, she thought that she would lose money], she did so without even batting an eye and [worst of all] she let herself be used by the Miami Herald. They even started referring to her as a “moderate,” along the lines of the odious Max Castro, Ramon Cernuda and Lisandro Perez. Then of course, there’s the Santana thing and the fundraiser for Obama. Why hasn’t Gloria who is so evidentally political said anything about the Cuban rapper who is suffering in jail inside Cuba?

    On another note, I just clicked on to the link with the Gloria interview and its more of the same. I’m fed up with Cubans being mixed in with all of these other people. What that does is that it brings Cubans down. Notice that nobody ever talks about Cuban successes anymore. You don’t hear about Cuban CEO’s, or businessmen, or academians, etc… simply because we are now all considered “latinos,”, so its no longer about what Cubans have done for Miami, but rather what latinos have done for Miami, and conversely, Cubans are dragged down the toilet when they talk about latino drop-out rates, incarceration stats and poverty levels, since people think that this applies to us too. I’m sick and tired of it.

    That said, with so many truly successful Cubans, is Gloria Estefan only successful Cuban that they could find? Cubans do more than sing you know [not that Gloria can sing–she couldn’t hit a note if you pasted it on her long ugly nose].

  3. A good family friend of mine, Sam Verdeja co-wrote with Guillermo Martinez a book a couple of years ago. The book is titled “Cubans: An Epic Journey, the Struggle of Exiles for Truth and Freedom”. This book is available on Rayanera, you mention that nobody ever talks about Cuban successes anymore. This is a great book that specifically writes personal stories of Cubans who have made significant contributions to American society.

    Maybe one of the great contributors of can interview Sam Verdeja during the Hispanic Heritage month and post a writeup on the book.

    Food for thought! I can get any of the Babalublog writers and contributors interested in touch with Sam Verdeja.

  4. Gloria Estefan has indeed been a great disappointment and sadness for me; I sometimes wonder if she suffered a small stroke-quite a different persona then I remembered 20 years ago. However our Cuban exceptionalism here in the US is evident for anyone who is not wearing blinders-the most evident being Ted Cruz (*sigh* he and his dad are my new heroes).

  5. CaliforniaCubanAmerican, thanks for the heads-up on that book. I just saw it at Amazon and from the description, its seems pretty impressive. It says that is a list of all the truly successful Cubans in the USA and outside.

    Raddoc, unfortunately, a lot of people are wearing blinders. You see, if you are no longer considered Cuban, but rather Latinos instead, when people think about you, they think about all of the social ills that accompany latinos. Their social ills become our social ills. Their gangbanging becomes our gangbanging. Little does it matter that there are no Cuban American youth gangs. East L.A. and the South Bronx becomes our neighborhood, etc… We have become one indistinguishable mass. There are no Cubans anymore.

    Do a search and see how they refer to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as latino politicians. Heck, some articles even refer to them as non-white!

  6. Mega-star? In what limited niche? That must be a pretty loose definition, but now anybody can be labeled a “legend,” a “diva” or some other hype. As for the “Latino” business, thanks, but I’ll pass. Those are not my people, and they’ve sure as hell never acted like it.

  7. The Clinton regime immediately targeted Cuban-Americans in effort to discredit, marginalize, and separate them from all credibility in the public mind for the reason that Cuban-Americans can speak with great clarity to the horrors of communism, having not merely studied it but survived it.

    Shame on Estefan for selling out like this, she knows better. Sanatana’s mouthings at his performances are nothing but cheape promotions for communism.

    They’re showing their true colors.

  8. dittos, raddoc — I’m intensely proud of them too; and in person, Rafael and Ted are even more impressive ~ well mannered, easygoing, articulate and respectful; Rafael always wears a smile, a sign of real CLASS… as opposed to the condescending attitude oozing from the Estefans

  9. Well, relatively speaking, GE hasn’t “latinized” (rhymes with lobotomized) herself as abjectly and contemptibly as our Cretina (the very sight of whom makes me cringe) or that pair of incredibly lucky nothings, “el gordo y la flaca.” I repeat, relatively speaking. But let’s face it, regardless of ethnicity or national origin, show biz people are exceedingly prone to PC whoredom–not least because being PC pays, and the opposite costs.

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