Worst #$#@!&^% moron in the &^%$#@!&*! world to try her &^*^%$#@ offensive stunt again.

Diana #$#@!%! Nyad and her *&^%$* jellyfish mask
Diana #$#@!%! Nyad and her *&^%$* jellyfish mask


*&^%$&#@ me!  Diana *(&^@!#! Nyad, that * %$#@!&  offensive moron, queen of all insensitive  ^%$#@*&^#’s, poster girl for the %^%$#@ banality of evil just won’t quit.

She’s going to swim over the remains of tens of thousands of Cubans again, trivializing the evil and injustice that permeate that stretch of water, this time with a crew of 35 and a ^&^%$#@! jellyfish-proof mask to protect her from the dangers that all Cuban rafters have braved in their desperate quest for freedom.

She mocks them all, especially those who lost their lives.  And she does so shamelessly, with the aid of an even more shameless *&^%$! press, and that ^%$#@! serial-killer, lucha-libre, chainsaw-massacre Halloween mask.

Wouldn’t it be really great to see a decathlon held at Auschwitz or the Killing Fields of Cambodia and Rwanda?  Maybe an Ironman triathlon?   You bet, especially with all participants wearing jellyfish masks, and a giant pile of corpses at the finish line, each and every one of them decked out in one of those masks. Even better if  it were held — as in this case — with all the killing in full swing and everyone ignoring it.

#$#@! &*%^$#  *&$#@! *&^%&*@!  ^&#*!@# %^*&@!$@& *!$%#@^ !!!!

From the Sun Sentinel

Diana Nyad to try Cuba-to-Florida swim again

Diana Nyad was scheduled to leave for Cuba Friday in order to make her “final attempt” at swimming from Havana to South Florida, according to the endurance swimmer’s website, diananyad.com.

In four previous attempts, Nyad, 63, has yet to complete the 103-mile swim. An effort in 2012 ended largely because of lightning and jellyfish stings.

This time, Nyad will wear a silicone mask to protect her face from jellyfish stings. On a website posting, Nyad calls the mask cumbersome because it makes it difficult to breathe.

Nyad says she and her support crew of 35 will evaluate the weather forecast and conditions in Cuba before deciding when to take to the water.



4 thoughts on “Worst #$#@!&^% moron in the &^%$#@!&*! world to try her &^*^%$#@ offensive stunt again.

  1. She’s just a recurring nuisance; typical liberal wackjob without a life. So chill – soon enough a friendly shark’s bound to put her out of her misery.

  2. Well, there’s that inconvenient thing about the contraband arms shipment to North Korea. The mainstream media has to create some sort of smokescreen, you know. I guess its not everyday that they can come up with someone who has 12 fingers. Nyad is definitely a more convenient and ready distraction than having to fish for Cuban citizens with extra appendages, boorish as she is.

  3. Carlos, she’s not worth it. In a way, she’s quite sad. This sort of thing is her best bet, lame as it is, and it becomes increasingly pathetic with every attempt. She’s fixated on it because she’s got no better card to play. It’s like an old whore who insists on dressing and acting the part long past her expiration date. Even if she manages to make the damn crossing, it’s a totally artificial and contrived stunt, empty and inconsequential, like any number of cheesy “world records.”

    Yes, this is highly offensive and grotesquely disrespectful, but she may really be too cretinous to get it, and she’s far too insignificant to take seriously. The whole thing is cheap and tawdry, like very bad theater. Really, she’s beneath notice, a leathery old sea cow being serially ridiculous. She’s pathetic. As for the mask, it’s no worse than the face under it.

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