Recommended Reading: ‘The Cubans, Our Footprints Across America’

The latest book by Cuban American author Fernando Hernandez:

The Cubans Our Footprints Across America traces the contributions that Cuban immigrants have made in the United States from as far back as the 1800s until the present time. In 2012 Fernando “Fernan” Hernandez wrote The Cubans Our Legacy in the United States which profiled over 200 Cubans and Cuban-Americans who have made substantial contributions to the United States in music, education, sports, business, science, politics, and many other sectors of society. In this new book the reader will discover how in 1930 a Havana bandleader traveled to New York City, recorded a million-copy hit that kicked-started a Cuban music craze throughout the United States. Science fiction lovers will learn that a Cuban-American was the writer, producer, and story editor of many Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes. An author born in 1865 in Brooklyn, New York of Cuban origin began his career at age 12, becoming a prolific boys’ fiction writer earning the nickname the American Jules Verne. History buffs will enjoy reading about three sisters who became Confederate spies during the Civil War, and thanks to their bravery, a Union warship was captured. New Yorkers and those who visit the Big Apple will read of the work of a structural engineer, born in Havana of immigrant Lithuanian Jews, who was known as “Mr. New York” for his engineering of the city’s skyscrapers, including the 70-story Trump World Tower. Read about a surgeon who in 2012 led a team of 150 doctors, nurses, and others in Maryland in the most extensive face transplant surgery ever performed in the world. The book also profiles those who serve the less fortunate, including the co-founder of Florida’s largest free clinic serving migrant workers, the working poor, the sick, and families who fall between the cracks of America’s social system. This is a book that transcends ethnic, national, racial, gender and religious barriers and bears witness to what Cubans, both political refugees and immigrants, have accomplished in a country where liberty and freedom abound. This is the story of the Cuban-Americans, and the footprints they have left on their path across the United States.

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  1. Good to see an old colleague here. Still remember going to Hialeah Hospital as reps and being treated like we were employees there. Hey I think Felix is still out there last I heard! I’ll check out your book.

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