Bummer, man… what a downer… tiny bit of bad news creeps into media coverage of Nyad’s Cuba stunt


Google “Cuba”, “news” and you will get nothing but page after page of reports on yesterday’s offensive swimming stunt.  It’s a veritable volcanic eruption, this stunt, and the ash smothering the journalistic landscape is now fifty feet deep.   On page eight, however,  this tiny little item can be found sticking out of the volcanic ash like some mutant gem, blinking away, calling attention to itself.

From AFP

Cuba political arrests spiked in August

At least 547 political arrests were reported in Cuba last month, in a spike after a steep drop in the first half of the year, an opposition group said Tuesday.

Another 337 dissidents were subjected to harassment and police threats, the Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission (CCDHRN) said in a statement.

In July, the group — banned but tolerated by authorities — reported a 41 percent drop in arbitrary arrests during the first half of the year as compared to the same period a year earlier.

There were 2,143 in total during the 2013 timeframe, it said.

It attributed the decline to the government wanting to “clean up its image.”

The group said it was deeply concerned by an increase in violence, physical as well as verbal, against the “Ladies in White” — whose members are wives and relatives of jailed dissidents — and other peaceful government opponents.

“This shows that the Cuban government is not intent on improving, in the near future, the terrible civil and political rights situation that prevails on the island,” the group said.



5 thoughts on “Bummer, man… what a downer… tiny bit of bad news creeps into media coverage of Nyad’s Cuba stunt

  1. Sorry, Charlie. This is just static, background noise. No media feeding frenzy for YOU, or your kind. The usual suspects couldn’t possibly care less about arrest figures. They not only expect that but condone it. “Gotta be patient. Can’t expect drastic changes right away. These things take time. You know, like in China.”

    But I do feel your pain (unlike Bill Clinton). Even in Miami, the coverage is appalling, completely celebratory and utterly oblivious to the screamingly obvious, which cries out to high heaven. And no, I don’t think it’s an oversight. They’re not stupid or clueless, which would be relatively innocent. They’re contemptible.

  2. Great dig there, Carlos. How you were able to find that story was close to a miracle! These are very interesting numbers and rather “shocking” for a country that is on its way to a democracy. The term “Political Arrests” tells it all. Great job Carlos!

  3. As much as I love miracle stories, I have to confess it was no miraculous guidance that made me persist in that Google search, but pure, unadulterated Gallego thick-headedness (cabeza dura syndrome). I just wanted to see how many pages of Nyad crap I would have to go through before something worthwhile would show up. Saddest part of the story: many more pages of Nyad crap follow after the report on repression.

    But, yes, I guess “miracle” still applies….

  4. When a liberal friend of mine was reading about the “achievement” of the swim, I tried to explain to her the awfulness of the way the media reported on this compared to the way they fail to report on others who risk their lives across these same shark infested waters.
    I even used the example, while Nazis were murdering Jews and worse, suppose someone had run in a race in Germany and set a new record. How would you feel about all of that attention given to the racer while little was given to the murderous Nazis.
    I think she simply considered me a spoil sport.

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