Another Ché Guevara memorial in Ireland bites the dust

Ireland apparently has a strong fetish for the murderous, Marxist psychopath Ernesto “Ché” Guevara. It seems that every time you turn around, somebody has erected a monument to the cowardly “revolutionary” who had a documented tendency to desperately avoid physical confrontation with his “enemies” unless, of course, they were on the ground tied up or blindfolded, standing up against a wall to be executed. Nevertheless, it would seem that the Argentinean Guevara’s reported Irish bloodline combined with decades of Cuban Castro propaganda have made this psychotic pusillanimous killer a favorite for many people in Ireland.

But as is always the case, the truth — sometimes sooner but more often later — wins out over lies and propaganda. Last year, the city of Galway got an unexpected history lesson on Guevara and ended up scrapping their plans to build the monster a monument. The history lesson was led by one of their own, Irish businessman and political leader Declan Ganley, who refused to allow a memorial to a mass murderer be built in his hometown. And just recently, Irish city officials in Kilkee, Co Clare ended up having to paint over a huge Ché mural to avoid offending tourists who unlike many Irish, are quite aware of the reprehensible Argentine’s vile and ghastly history.

Via the Irish Independent:

Iconic Che Guevara mural in Co Clare removed after ‘upsetting’ American tourists

AN iconic mural featuring the face of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara has been removed because it upset American tourists.

It has been painted over by a local authority just weeks ahead of a local Latin-American cultural festival in Kilkee, Co Clare to celebrate links with Guevara.

The Americans left town after seeing the mural. The face of Guevara, who visited Kilkee in 1961, had adorned the same spot for the previous two Che do Bheatha festivals.

But Clare County Council staff removed the 20ft high mural yesterday despite agreement at a Town Council meeting on Monday that it should stay until the festival was over.

This is the third year of the festival, which was established in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of the visit to the area by Che Guevara. Guevara’s plane had been grounded at Shannon Airport so he and his entourage spent a night in the west Clare resort town.

The world-renowned image was created by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick after a chance meeting with Guevara in the Marine Hotel in Kilkee during that visit.

Kilkee Town Council agreed in April the mural should be painted over and no future murals be located on this wall.

Festival organisers were informed last week the mural would have to be removed.

Kilkee Chamber of Commerce president Johnny Redmond said: “The festival is not political. It is a festival of Latin-American culture, but once again Clare Co Council is shooting itself in the foot.”

Clare County Council said the mural was in breach of local government legislation.



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  1. “Iconic.” Another word that’s now meaningless, like “diva” and “legendary.” Sheesh. As for the Irish, well, they obviously have issues, just like Canadians. I mean, everybody has issues, OK, but some issues are more pathetic than others.

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