Bad news for slimeball Canadians, bad news for the Castro dynasty


Awww… what a shame.  Nickel prices have plummeted, so the unethical Canadians who run the nickel mines in Cuba and the Castros and their feudal lords have seen a decline in income.

Too bad.

Low prices take toll on Cuban nickel revenues

HAVANA, Sept 10 (Reuters) – Cuban nickel industry revenues were well below expectations in the first six months of the year, mainly because of low international prices, official radio reported this week.

The provincial radio station of Eastern Holguin province, Radio Angulo, reporting on a visit to Moa municipality by provincial Communist Party leader Luis Torres Iribar, said the municipality’s exports were short 26 percent, or $90 million, for the period.

Cuba’s only two nickel plants, the Cubaniquel-owned Ernesto Che Guevara plant and the Pedro Soto Alba, a joint venture between Canadian mining company Sherritt International and Cubaniquel, are both located in Moa.

The report said that the Ernesto Che Guevara plant’s earnings were 15 percent below expectations, and the Pedro Soto Alba plant was down 25 percent, “mainly due to the low price of the mineral on the world market.”

Cuba plans to produce around 62,000 tonnes of unrefined nickel plus cobalt in 2013, according to local and foreign company reports.

Sherritt International has said it expects the Pedro Soto Alba plant to produce 38,000 tonnes, similar to 2012. An Ernesto Che Guevara manager said earlier this year the plant would produce 23,700 tonnes.




One thought on “Bad news for slimeball Canadians, bad news for the Castro dynasty

  1. But of course Canada would never opportunistically profit from an enslaved country by doing business with its totalitarian rulers. It would never stand for the exploitation of workers who cannot unionize, strike or negotiate anything, but simply serve as cheap, compliant peons. It would never condone and tacitly accept systematic violation of basic human rights, let alone materially support a regime responsible for such violation for over half a century. It would never do any of those things IF they were sufficiently unfashionable and politically incorrect, but otherwise, as in the case of Cuba, it has NO PROBLEM doing all of them–and that applies to the Canadian government, Canadian business concernas and the Canadian people (the biggest source of tourist income for Castro, Inc.). True, there are other offenders, and plenty of them, but Canada is a particularly disgusting one, especially given its “nice folks” image. Whitewashed sepulchers are always more contemptible.

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