Cuban Noise

We’ve all heard the usual philosophical way to question the subjective nature of reality: “If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no one there to hear it, does it still make a noise?” and we’ve all shrugged our shoulders and said “Who cares?”

So, If a Cuban screams in a crowded room, does he make a noise? After the 21 hour speech in the Senate from Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, I’m staring to wonder. Does anyone hear or care?

I don’t know if there is some kind of karmic whammy or Santeria curse or twilight zone thing going on, but it seems to me that when a Cuban talks about the dangers of oppression, tyranny and the loss of personal freedom at the hands of an autocratic government, he or she doesn’t make a sound, no one listens, his words are dismissed, discounted, disdained…

Even when the majority agrees with what the Cuban is saying, they look at him as he’s a rabble rousing, self promoting drama queen who should know his place and shut the hell up. Now. Even a State Senator from Cruz’s home state was treated with more respect when she filibustered in defense of infanticide.

It’s just amazing.

I could go on a write about all the reasons why Senator Cruz is right about the Affordable Care Act. I could go on to write about how unusual and refreshing it is to see a politician stand on principle. I could go on and on about how it’s even more refreshing to see a friggin elected official do what he told those who voted for him he was going to do, come hell or high water. I could go on to say how all Senator Cruz is warning Americans not to make the same mistakes that Cubans and many others made in the past. I could, but other than getting it off my chest, it wouldn’t do any good…as Ted Cruz is about to find out.

No one will listen. Ok, maybe Glenn Beck, but hey. He’s been known to listen to Fontova.(que tipo mas descarao, caray)

Anyway, I’m proud of Senator Cruz. I’m glad his Cuban dad instilled in him the sense of duty and love of freedom and the American way.

And so the re-run to that awful movie we Cubans have already seen begins in 6 days.

Once that movie starts it will keep running until the projector breaks …