Ay! Caracastan’s President Maduro claims death threats and a “weak” president Obama drove him away from New York

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Red-hot  news from the Cubazuelan province of Caracastan.

ABC Spain reports (for the full story in Spanish go HERE):

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, caught red-handed as he tried to sneak a phalanx of Cuban spies into New York yesterday, has reacted to the news coverage of this event with the only tactic he has in in playbook: tall tales about conspiracies and death threats.

First, he denied that there were any Cuban agents aboard his Cubana de Aviación jet. Never mind that Spain’s ABC was able to identify all of them, and to reveal that they were traveling under false identities with Venezuelan passports.

Nope. Never happened, said Maduro in a televised speech.

The real reason he had to scrap his United Nations visit was the “fact” that he had uncovered two plots against his life.

“There were two provocations against me being planned in New York, one worse than the other, and thus I decided to suspend my trip in order to fulfill our main objective: to preserve the physical integrity and the honor of all Venezuelans.”

As if identifying his “physical integrity” with that of all Venezuelans were not shocking enough, Maduro also went on to provide some details about one of the dastardly conspiracies that drove him away from New York.

The most dangerous of the conspiracies was a “crazy plan” hatched by U.S. diplomats Otto Reich and Roger Noriega. Maduro also charged that the White House “knew about these provocations, but the weakness of president Obama made it impossibe to prevent plots such as this one against a foreign head of state.”

Playing the hero card, Maduro then stated that he had no choice but to leave New York because these “provocations” against him would have “destabilized the UN General Assembly.”

ABC Spain reports that opposition leaders in Venezuela were quick to react to Maduro’s denials. Miguel Henrique Otero,publisher of “El Nacional”, claims he has incontrovertible proof of Maduro’s plan to sneak Cuban agents into New York. In addition, he claims to have proof that Maduro’s 120-person entourage included some individuals who were about to be charged with drug trafficking by the DEA, and that fear of these imminent arrests drove Maduro away.

Carlos Berrizbeitía, a Venezuelan opposition politician, proposed to ABC that Maduro had yet another reason for hurrying home: rumors of a military coup and of an impending revolt against him by his own political party.

Berrizbeitia’s claims about an impending coup refer to comments made to ABC a few days ago by a Venezuelan ex-general who warned that the heavy presence of Cuban military personnel is causing enormous friction in the Venezuelan armed forces, and the tension created by their intrusive policies is near fever pitch. For that story go HERE.



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