As expected, King Raul strangles his own privatizing “reforms”… (told you this would happen, told you so, told you so)….

Upscale retail outlet in Havana
Upscale retail outlet in Havana

Uh oh… Reuters may soon lose its bureau in Havana.

Revealing that the “reforms” of His Majesty Raul Castro are being dismantled by the king and his henchmen is not going to earn the news agency any brownie points, for sure, and could cost them dearly.

How dare they expose the truth?  And how dare they not quote any Cuba experts/analysts?

Castro Kingdom moves to safeguard monopoly on imported goods

(Reuters) – Three years after opening up retail services, Cuba tightened the reins on Thursday with new regulations aimed at stopping the sale of imported goods at lower prices than those offered by the state.

In 2010, communist-run Cuba allowed retail services in the form of 200 individual activities from clowns, seamstresses, food vendors, taxis and the building trades, to small businesses such as restaurants, cafeterias, bed and breakfasts and home-based movie theaters.

Enterprising residents have taken advantage of some of the categories, for example seamstress and household supplies salesman, to offer imported clothing and supplies in greater variety and at lower cost than the state.

Others buy out available supplies at state stores and resell them at higher prices, which is also banned by the new regulations.

Cubans appeared to oppose restricting the sale of imported goods, but support putting an end to reselling local products.

“I am against the import ban. I can’t tolerate the shoddy clothing the state stores sell, they are very expensive and of poor quality,” said Xiomara, a Havana nurse who like others did not provide her last name.

“At the same time, things like plumbing and electric supplies, that they buy in the stores to resell at twice the price, that’s unbridled robbery,” she said.

The opening to small business, along with loosened travel restrictions between the United States and Cuba, has led to a flood of items being brought into the island by travelers. These items, from spices, sauces and beauty products to clothing, hardware and household goods, often are not available locally or are sold by the state at a minimum 240 percent markup….

… Jose, a 45-year-old who sells household supplies from his porch in Havana, said the measure might lead him to close down.

“I sell a lot of locally crafted things, but also stuff from abroad. There is no doubt they have closed the door on me, and if I can’t balance the books I’ll hand in my license,” he said.

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  1. “sells household supplies from his porch in Havana.” Might as well be Bangladesh, just like that photo could easily be of Haiti. But it’s fine because, you know, it’s all so “revolutionary.”

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