Report from Caracastan: Cuban slave doctors very corrupt and selfish

Question: are all Cuban doctors white?

Question: can slaves hired out for profit to some plantation other than that of their master ever be trusted not to cheat, especially when cheating is the only known means of survival they have ever known, back at home?

A recent report about “corruption” among Cuban doctors in Venezuela sheds light on the sleaziness of the whole Castronoid slave-doctors-for-the-third-world deal, as well as on the holier-than-thou self-righteousness of ex-spies from Castrogonia who now live in Miami.

It seems that the  “I-solved-my-problem”  (resolví my problema) ethic is carried abroad by Castrogonia’s slave-doctors, along with their ineptitude.  Sleazoids, all of them.  Congenitally immune to honesty.  So says an ex-spy from Castrogonia, an eminently trustworthy character, for sure.

Suggestion for enterprising translators: Dr. Duke Beauregard’s book Guide to Sleazy Living would be an instant best-seller among Cuban slave-doctors abroad.  Get busy….this could turn into a Darwinian competition…and the payoff for the fittest translator could be colossal.

Warning to Brazil and Ecuador:  you’re next on the sleaze treadmill.  Prepárense, compañeros  !!!!


From Cafe Fuerte (translation from Havana Times)

Castrogonia’s Medical Missions in Venezuela: Hotspot for Corruption

by Uberto Mario ( Ex- agent for Cuban Intelligence MININT,1987-2003,  alias “Marcos”.  Currently resides in Miami.)

In the course of my five years in Venezuela, I undertook several journalistic investigations which allowed me to trail numerous criminals who, hiding behind their embroidered guayabera shirts and medical gowns, carried out all manner of illegal actions and turned Cuba’s internationalist medical mission into a veritable den of corruption.

Thousands of health professionals have been sent to Venezuela since Cuba’s first medical mission arrived in the country on December 16, 1999. It is calculated that a hundred thousand Cubans have worked in Venezuela’s Barrio Adentro neighborhood health care program alone.

The sad truth of the matter, however, is that, in addition to managing the work of those who are working in the field and saving human lives, those in charge of these brigades have also availed themselves of their high or mid-level positions to steal State resources left, right and center.

Some have been spared severe punishment and continue to work. Others have not been so lucky and aren’t even allowed to prescribe an aspirin in Cuba.

While it is certainly true that there have been many corrupt bosses in the medical missions it is also true to say that many honest men and women have also passed through. The mob, however, does not recruit honest or humble people.

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