3 thoughts on “Welcome to Obama’s America

  1. Last year I spent a few days in Washington D.C.
    I happened to be in meetings all day while there, but still, I wanted to see monuments. It was about 1:00 am when I was finally able to visit the Lincoln Monument and the Martin Luther King monument. There were a quite a few people out and about enjoying the beauty of our nation’s capital at night.

    Both are barricaded today. I can only assume it’s political posturing at its very worst.

    I hope it royally backfires on this moronic administration.

  2. Unfortunately, Rush’s theorem holds. Nothing will stick to Obama. He will not get the blame.
    That Harry Reid video of his answer to the reporter about not helping children with cancer says it all. “Why do they get to pick and choose?” he asked. The House gets to pick and choose what it wants to fund because it is in the Constitution. This majority leader of the Senate does not know that? And how quaint that he asks this ignorant question even as his president, who does not have this right in the Constitution, picks and chooses who he will give a waiver to from the “law of the land”. He does all this with a straight face and the country doesn’t seem to care.

  3. I really have little respect and trust for a population that excuses something so evidently capricious, unnecessary, and shamelessly ridiculous as the closing of national statues as mere reprisal and posturing. Who the hell orders the closing of public statues over a fiscal dispute without looking like an out of line despotic fagot with a tantrum?

    What’s next, park benches and sidewalks (specially the ones next to hotels)? Granted, that trained dog that’s standing there in the name of ” closed because of no budget do to the damn extreme right” is getting payed to do so. I have been to those monuments several times without ever seeing a single police officer standing in their vicinity as if they were The White House or The Capitol.

    But hell, after seeing how this population excused Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Benghazi, a debt raised by 6 trillion, etc., why should I be surprised at their pathetic ignorance and apathy. Amidst all this, the morons continue taking about Miley Cyrus…

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