The real effect of Jesse Jackson’s visit to the Castro Kingdom


Yeah, Jesse’s been featured a lot on Babalu over the past week.  Can’t help it.

The only effect his visits to Castrogonia ever have, regardless of how miserably he fails to achieve his stated objectives, is to further disseminate Castroite propaganda.

The guy is a jerk and not worth the attention — insofar as his ethics are concerned — but whenever he visits the Castro Kingdom, he always manages to make a big splash and to sprinkle fairy dust on that giant slave plantation.

And the net result is bad news for Cubans on the island. Case in point: the latest news reported by “The People’s World.”

Did “The People’s World” have anything to say about Jesse’s avoidance of any engagement with real Cuban civil rights activists?   Anything to say about his failure to condemn racism in Castrogonia, or his refusal to meet with Afro-Cubans who are being persecuted by the Castro regime?

No.  Of course not.  Instead, this leftist rag brags about the real purpose of Jesse’s visit to the Castro Kingdom, which had nothing to do with real civil rights.

Jesse was there to condemn the “blockade” and to blame it for all of the ills in Castrogonia.  He was also there to bask in the glow of his previous encounters with Fidel Castro.   The guy loves Latrine American dictators, and loves to be phtographed with them.   See image above.

Imagine this: Jesse meeting with Berta Soler, Oscar Biscet, Antunez, Damaris Moya Portieles, and other dissidents, being photographed with them, hearing him issue a blanket condemnation of human rights abuses and of racism on the island formerly known as Cuba.

Yeah.  Dream on.   It’s a lot like expecting Dr. Josef Mengele to announce his solidarity with the inmates at Auschwitz in 1944.

Sonomanbiche.  Moral miscreant.  God have mercy on his soul.

God have mercy too on the collaborators in the news media who still glorify this cretin and pay attention to his shameful traveling circus.


Jesse Jackson visits Castro Kingdom

Civil rights advocate Jesse Jackson, attending a religious ceremony organized by the Cuban Council of Churches at the Havana-based Ebenezer Baptist Church in Cuba, called for actions against the economic blockade maintained against Cuba by the U.S. government, which has been in effect for more than 50 years now. He said the blockade affects the lives of the Cuban people and hinders relations between the two nations, stressing the need to strengthen relations between the U.S. and Cuban people.

The blockade effects the use of the Internet on the island, telephone calls and transportation. It also restricts individual American’s freedom to travel to Cuba as well as hindering communication with the island.

Participants recalled previous visits by the civil rights activist to Cuba in 1984 and 1988. The Reverend Jackson recalled his meetings with Cuban revolutionary leader and former President Fidel Castro.

The Rev. Raul Suarez, director of Cuba’s Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Center, stressed the contribution by the Rev. Jackson to relations between the U.S. and Cuban people. He said that the Jackson has favored a new stage for relations between the churches and the state, which he described as a “blessing for our country, our people and the Cuban Revolution.”

More nauseating details HERE.




4 thoughts on “The real effect of Jesse Jackson’s visit to the Castro Kingdom

  1. But really, a sleazy fraud like Jesse HAS to take whatever “validation” he can get–and he sure as hell does.

  2. One of my favorite achievements is when I convinced Buckley, who had had Jackson on Firing Line as a friendly guest, to have him on as a hostile. Buckley listened to my persuasion about his real history and never again had him on except as one from the “other” side.

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