Why pick on current Cuba “Experts?” (their profession has a long and illustrious history)


Cuba’s oil was a farce. Raul’s reforms are a farce. Repairing Cuban military equipment in North Korea was a farce. Carlos Lage is who-knows-where. And Alan Gross is still in jail.

So who got it wrong?

Hereabouts we know good and well who….but in fairness to the scholarly frauds who propagate Castro’s farces in the U.S. media, such fraudulent “expertise” on Cuban matters has a long and illustrious history. To wit:

“Cuban deepwater exploration projects that will begin this year have a high probability of success and may increase the island nation’s oil output by more than 500 percent. The probability of success in finding hydrocarbons is great” (Jorge Pinon)

“This is a time when Cuba’s leadership moves toward generational change. It’s Carlos Lage for the next president.” (Phil Peters, March 2008)

“Carlos Lage is key in all this. Lage wants to move ahead with economic reforms…Raul comes in and makes Lage his right-hand man.” (Wayne Smith Feb. 2008)

“Fidel and Raúl Castro said in recent months that they have an obligation not only to lead but also to yield to a younger generation of leaders.” (Julia Sweig Feb. 2008)

“Castro is now going out on his own terms, securing a smooth transition to his brother and to a younger generation of leadership in Cuba……such as Vice President Carlos Lage.” (Peter Kornbluh, Feb. 2008)

“Wayne Smith, the former U.S. diplomat, says he expects Cuba to “do the right thing” and release Gross after the trial.” (March 2011)

“Phil Peters, a longtime Cuba expert who is vice president of the Arlington, Virginia-based Lexington Institute, said he too saw Cuba freeing Gross soon….I don’t believe that the Cuban government has an interest in holding him in jail for the long term.” (Phil Peters March 2011)

“What this incident says about Cuba is that there aren’t a lot of places where you can go to get these old airplanes and antiaircraft systems fixed.” (Phil Peters 7/19/2013.)

“It’s not about Havana trying to circumvent an arms embargo. It’s about: how about we refurbish our old weapons” (Julia Sweig (7/28/2013)

Now Fast-Reverse a few decades:

“Don’t worry. We’ve infiltrated Castro’s guerrilla group in the Sierra Mountains. The Castro brothers and Ernesto “Che” Guevara have no affiliations with any Communists whatsoever.” (Havana CIA station chief Jim Noel 1958.)

“Fidel Castro is not only NOT a communist-–he’s a strong ANTI-Communist fighter! He’s ready to help us in the hemisphere’s anti-communist fight and we should share our intelligence with him!” (Gerry Drecher, the CIA’s expert on Latin American Communism after meeting with Fidel Castro in April 1959.)

“It would be a great mistake even to intimate that Castro’s Cuba has any real prospect of becoming a Soviet satellite.” (Walter Lippman, Washington Post July, 1959)

“Fidel Castro is a good young man trying to do what’s best for Cuba. We should extend him a hand.” (retired President Harry Truman July, 1959.)

“Now these things (“Castro is a Communist’) are charged. But they are not easy to prove. The U.S. Government has made no such charges.” (U.S. President Eisenhower, July 1959.)

“We are unable to answer the simplified question, Is Castro himself a Communist?” (CIA National Intelligence Estimate, June 1960.)

Major difference: the first set of “experts” are paid to be wrong (i.e. disseminate Castro propaganda.) The second set of experts (presumably) are paid to be right (i.e. protect their nation’s security.)





3 thoughts on “Why pick on current Cuba “Experts?” (their profession has a long and illustrious history)

  1. Let’s see: Fidel was a public advocate for Cuba’s communists at least as early as 1953, at a pow-wow of anti-Batista elements held in Canada that year, before the Moncada attack. But maybe that was just a meaningless little gesture. Or not.

  2. slightly disingenuous; that just means that they were as gullible as the Cuban people. Seriously you make it sound like there was a clap of thunder and “Voila!” there was Fidel running Cuba. As if no one supported him. As if people who fighting alongside of him didn’t believe communism would take over. Fidel played footsies with everyone before ’59 but to call him a communist does not do justice to his megalomania. Castro was a Castroist first and foremost. If fascism was viable he would have gone that way, after all it was the Axis that he supported during WW2. The USSR however provided the perfect cover. You give Fidel too much credit; he never believed in anything but himself.

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