‘Reforms’ in Cuba apply to only those the Castro dictatorship chooses

According to “Cuba Experts,” the reforms of Cuban dictator Raul Castro are positively transforming the nation and moving the Cuban people closer to liberty. They assure us that Cubans are experiencing new-found freedoms that include the liberty to leave the island whenever they choose.

What the “Cuba Experts” neglect to tell you, however, is that these “reforms” are just recycled and reworded oppressive laws. Laws that continue to provide the Cuban regime with the power to hold total and unchallenged control over who can come and go from the island without a shred of jurisprudence.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Regime denies two prominent dissidents right to travel out of Cuba

PicMonkey CollageThis week the Cuban regime denied two well-known dissidents their right to travel out of Cuba, providing little or no explanations as to why the decision was taken.

The first of the refusals occurred in Eastern Cuba – specifically in Santiago de Cuba – when former political prisoner and leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia was told by authorities on October 7th that he would not be able to acquire his passport.  The functionaries said the activist could not travel for reasons of “public interest”, alleging he has engaged in criminal activities (in Cuba, political dissent is considered one of the highest offenses).

Ferrer Garcia was invited by the Unity Progress and Democracy Party to participate in an event in Europe.  It was the second time the Cuban regime denied him his passport.

On Friday October 11th, Leticia Ramos Herreria – representative of the Ladies in White for the central province of Matanzas – received a negative response from Cuban authorities after she started travel procedures two weeks earlier.

“ ‘Your petition has been denied, we cannot give you your passport to travel”’, that’s what immigration official told me”, tweeted Leticia on Friday (@LeticiaRHCuba).  No further explanations were provided.

Former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez (impeded from traveling as well on past occasions) also tweeted (@ivanlibre) about this situation, classifying it as “arbitrary” and pointing out that the Lady in White is in no way under an ‘extrapenal license’ that would impede here rights.

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