Theatre of the absurd reaches new low in Castro Kingdom



Monday 14 October 2013

Pathetic display of censorship and intimidation at the home of Laura Pollán.

Today, many Ladies in White were arrested, harassed, or forced to stay at home.  But a few of them who were able to circumvent the Castronoid police managed to meet at the house of their deceased leader Laura Pollán, to mark the second anniversary of her death.

The Castro regime responded by blocking off the street, and planting a cordon of plain-clothes police women on all of the side streets leading to the meeting site.  They also erected a loudspeaker-laden stage directly in front of the Pollán house on Neptuno Street in Havana, to blast Castronoid propaganda at the neighbors or at anyone who dared to venture near the spot.

Eyewitnesses also reported that the side streets around the entire block turned into an impromptu parking lot for police vehicles.

This is what you call a “reform”.  It’s also what you get after years and years of cultural exchanges with millions of tourists.

Look at the photo above.  Have you ever seen anything more pathetic?  Cosmetic surgery on aging starlets seems dignified in comparison.

The photo above is a sadly eloquent reminder of how easy it is to create a Hell on earth, and of how dictators can always find cretins who are eager to help them stay in power.

It is a sad commentary on human nature.  Sadder than Meg Ryan’s and Melanie Griffith’s trout lips, for sure.

But you have to ask yourself: what kind of nonsense is on display here?  What are these Castronoid morons thinking?  On the one hand, they are pretending to “tolerate” the Ladies in White who manage to sneak past their goon squads.  On the other hand, they are setting up a theater-of-the-absurd scenario that reveals the true extent of their repressive intolerance for dissent.   The photographer snaps his picture, and it makes its way around the world.  Then –even more absurd — no one pays attention to the photo.

Those ladies in their folding chairs look like caged giants, or Seraphim waiting for Gabriel to blow his horn.  The whores who cordon them off from the public look like….well… like the worst kind of whores… which is what they are, for they are not selling their bodies to tourists for pleasure, but rather selling their souls and their bodies to a clan of demonic pimps who enslave an entire nation.

ABC Spain has the whole story HERE, in Spanish.



4 thoughts on “Theatre of the absurd reaches new low in Castro Kingdom

  1. These fine specimens of “revolutionary” womanhood are the “new” version of what Avellaneda called “la chusma diligente” back in the 19th century–though I doubt she ever imagined how bad such chusma would get or how low they would bring Cuba. Castro, Inc. didn’t “validate” the worst elements of Cuban society for nothing, and certainly not to benefit them, but simply to use them to empower itself. Let’s face it: if you want shit done, your best bet is to employ shitty people.

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