Turns out those ‘reforms’ are not all that reforming: No private economy in Cuba

Directly from the mouth of Marino Murrillo, the Castro dictatorship’s “economics czar,” comes a very important clarification: The reforms of dictator Raul Castro do not and will not include the privatization of state-run businesses or the privatizing of the economy. Considering the fact that Cuba’s ruling Castro family owns every business on the island above the level of shoeshine services and selling croquetas from a cart, this makes clear once again that the hopeful “reforms” so highly touted by the media and “Cuba Experts” are not that all that reforming.

Via Havana Times:

Cuba Is Not Privatizing its Economy
Marino Murillo, the so-called "czar" of the Cuban economic reforms.
“It is not correct to say that in Cuba today a transformation of government property into private property is taking place,” said Marino Murillo.

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba is not turning its state-owned-and-managed property into private property, says economics czar Marino Murillo.

Addressing Cuba’s National Assembly of Popular Power, the head of the Commission on Implementation and Development of the Guidelines made several important points about the reforms in the nation’s economic structure that are known as “actualization” or updates.

The address was delivered on July 7 but was publicized this week by the official website Cubadebate to coincide with the opening of the First International Congress on Economic Management and Development being held in Havana.

Cubadebate presents the speech as “excerpts, an encapsulated version of the statements” by Murillo. The summary carries “no exact quotes, so as to better inform” the members of ANEC, the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba, which is hosting the Congress. The translation below is by Progreso Semanal.

Among the statements attributed to Murillo by Cubadebate:

“It is not correct to say that in Cuba today a transformation of government property into private property is taking place. The actualization of the Cuban economic model presupposes, above all, that social property is above the basic means of production. To actualize the model does not change the structural foundation of property over the basic means of production. A change in property is not taking place. […]

“Do not mistake transformation of property for modernization of management. They are two different things. The actualization of the Cuban economic model […] presupposes modernizing management, making property efficient and developing the productive forces. It does not mean a change in the structure of property.

“The economic model in gestation acknowledges and promotes the development of non-state formulas for property management, such as foreign investment, self-employed labor, cooperatives. It acknowledges and promotes different actors in the economy, among which it assigns a leading role to the socialist state enterprises.

“[Economic] Guideline No. 2 acknowledges the diversity of the actors in the economy and refers to other forms that, as a whole, must make [the economy] more effective. That means that, in terms of management, we must do the necessary to make the economy more efficient. But this, in turn, has limits, the limits of social property over the basic means of production, which define our system.

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2 thoughts on “Turns out those ‘reforms’ are not all that reforming: No private economy in Cuba

  1. You think that that will stop Cuban Experts like Phil Peters, Julia Sweig [and the mainstream media that follows them] from their steady drumbeat of Hosannas in the highest to raul’s “unprecedented reforms?”

  2. Even the Russians, Chinese, and Vietnamese see Cuba’s communists as a bunch of inept imbeciles. The only ones that see these overdue and bloody parasites as models for anything, or victims of anything, are the stupid and smoked hippies who are still stuck on 1960s propaganda. That said, the Cuban regime still caters to them, as if it was 1960.

    What can be more shameless and stupid than defending an adopted, fraudulent, and foreign model that even it’s creators abandoned decades ago with no intention of ever going back to it. Just like North Korea, all those minions in Cuba are only there to secure a cult-leader and a dynasty for the sake of perks.

    In a way it is good, once the egotistical cult leader dies comfortably and protected, leaving them nothing but a destroyed nation with no future plan, the chances of all of them going to hell in unison are higher. It will be a matter of how many more ropes two-faced USA and the immoral international community is willing to throw at the overdue aberration.

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