Okay, this is it: Proof positive that Cubans are their own worst enemies


It’s like 1958, again: American tourists flock to Cuba  

Forget about that fact.  It’s a red herring.

The Reuters correspondent in Havana dutifully regurgitated statitstics published by the Ministry of Truth on Friday, giving them the usual Castronoid spin.

So what if 98,000 Americans traveled to Castrogonia in 2012?

Those 98,000 vouyeristic bastards from the USA who went to enjoy all the exotic charm that the Castro Kingdom’s human zoo has to offer are not nearly as despicable as the 350,000 Cuban Americans who joined them.

We will never know the exact figures, but there can be little doubt that the total sum of the money and goods  funneled into Castrogonia by these traitors was immense.  Add to this the remittances sent to relatives in Castrogonia by them and hundreds of thousands of others who didn’t travel to the island, and what you have surely amounts to the single largest source of foreign aid to the Castro dictatorship.

Except this is not “foreign” aid at all, even though it comes from abroad.   It is direct aid given to the Castro dictatorship by Cubans themselves.

This fact is the last piece of a colossal jigsaw puzzle.  I’ve been connecting the millions of pieces that make up this puzzle for my entire life, waiting for the final one to show up.  Of course, the final image is no surprise.  Once you get past the halfway point on a jigsaw puzzle, you know what the picture is going to look like.

The pain caused by that picture has become as much a part of me as the physical one produced by an incurable disease I picked up a long time ago.  Both of these pains define me, because they are inescapable.

But this last little piece of the puzzle has just made the pain unbearable, at least for the time being, now, at 4 a.m.   It won’t ever pass, but soon enough my anger will dull it.  And eventually, as Nietzsche said, the pain will only make me stronger, and also more determined than ever to expose the death of Cuba as a long, slow suicide.


Americans traveling to Cuba in record numbers

(Reuters) – Americans are visiting Cuba in record numbers despite strict travel restrictions, joining the hundreds of thousands of Cuban Americans who travel home each year, according to Cuban government figures published on Friday.

Just over 98,000 U.S. citizens visited Cuba in 2012, up from 73,500 in 2011 and twice the number compared with five years ago, according to an online report by the National Statistics Office (www.one.cu).

The numbers do not include more than 350,000 Cuban Americans estimated by travel agents and U.S. diplomats to have visited the island last year. Because Cuba considers them nationals, they are not listed in its tourism statistics.

U.S. citizens are barred from traveling to Cuba without government permission under a U.S. trade embargo imposed half a century ago that can only be lifted by Congress.

The rise in U.S. visitors partly reflects a loosening of travel restrictions by President Barack Obama’s administration and allow “people-to-people” contact aimed at speeding political change on the communist-ruled island 90 miles from Florida.

As well as allowing Cuban Americans to travel to Cuba freely, Obama authorized licenses for “purposeful” travel to more than 250 Cuba travel agents and allowed more airports to provide charter service between the two countries.

The program, which began in 2011 and requires annual renewal of permission to bring groups to Cuba, allows for educational and cultural travel. The regulations require detailed itineraries of each traveling group.

Cuba hosted 2.8 million tourists in 2012, with arrivals down 2 percent so far this year.

“Cuba has so much to offer in terms of culture, history and issues of mutual concern – healthcare, education and the environment – and students, professionals, people of faith are curious,” said Collin Laverty, head of travel provider Cuba Educational Travel.

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2 thoughts on “Okay, this is it: Proof positive that Cubans are their own worst enemies

  1. Carlos, for what it’s worth, you’re not alone, but sadly, you and similar types are a minority. Always have been. Cubans, generally speaking, are simply not serious or profound people, to put it mildly. They don’t think big picture or long range, but personal and immediate. They have their virtues, or at least they used to, but they also have very serious issues, which is new-speak for defects. They used to at least pay lip service to dignity, but that concept has largely been lost or discarded. Cuba did not self-destruct accidentally; no society ever does.

    I’m currently reading a book you’ve read, and which every Cuban should read, Manuel Márquez-Sterling’s “Cuba 1952-1959” (it’s on Amazon). It is as illuminating and instructive as it is depressing. The tragic disaster was perfectly avoidable, but except for the usual few (too few), everybody who “mattered” was bound and determined to jump off the cliff, so Cuba was plunged into the abyss. It was a classic case of the blind (or worse) leading the blind, with the inevitable consequences. Too many Cubans are still blind, or choose to be.

    Still, to be fair, what you refer to in this post is very much about sentimental or emotional blackmail, which is very potent. The shit works, big time, especially among those who are neither strong-minded nor given to serious reflection, and also not given to dealing with reality as it is, but rather as they think they can make it. And no, what you bemoan won’t stop or even diminish, but rather the opposite, unless the status quo were to change drastically. Alas, the status quo is being maintained by it to a very significant extent, so we’re talking vicious circle.

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