Quote of the day – A dream to sing in a free Cuba

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Gloria Estefan on singing in Cuba and maintaining sanctions against the Castro dictatorship:

All smiles: Gloria wows in red during an interview with Spanish news agency EFE in Madrid
“My dream is to sing in a free Cuba, I just hope I’ll be young enough to do it. […] I don’t think lifting the embargo will help the Cuban people. It will just see millions of dollars pour in to further fund a rogue, terrorist government.”



2 thoughts on “Quote of the day – A dream to sing in a free Cuba

  1. “I wasn’t campaigning for Barack Obama.” OK, so the $30K paid per couple to attend the 2010 Obama fundraiser hosted by the Estefans went where, exactly? To the Salvation Army? To Cuban dissidents on the island? Or to the Obama presidential campaign? Even if the money didn’t come directly from the Estefans themselves, it was raised through their event, so they were obviously in on it. And what did the cause of freeing Cuba gain from this little shindig? Empty lip service, which is cheap as dirt and just as common. Obama’s campaign, however, made out pretty nicely, thank you. Way to go, babe.

    It may be, I suppose, that she actually believed she could get something substantial out of Obama, instead of condescending, opportunistic and hollow “sympathy.” That would mean, however, that she’s neither bright nor insightful. But, even if she genuinely meant to help Cuba, what did she think she was doing for the US by helping Obama’s re-election campaign after his lousy first-term performance? No matter how you slice it, we’re talking REALLY poor judgment at best. But then again, remember the Santana incident? Maybe she needs to come down off those Louboutin elevator shoes; the altitude may be messing with her brain.

  2. And btw, the publicity pic for the new album looks distinctly different from the more, uh, candid shots in the Daily Mail piece. I could get nastier about it, but like Castro II, I’m trying to “reform.”

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