Seriously, Florida? Seriously? – UPDATED

Why does Florida keep sending Alan Grayson back to Washington DC time and time again? Are the people in Grayson’s congressional district really of like-mind with this unmitigated, uncivil, uncouth buffoon? Or are they just eager to get him off their streets and out of town?

Here is Grayson’s latest email…

grayson email

What a propagandistic, agent provocateur, embarrassment this guy is.
Grayson is the epitome of a useful idiot assclown for the progressive/socialist/communist/Marxist democrat party agenda whose designated job is to go on the TV screen to slobber and spew ugly vitriol, playing to the most willfully ignorant among us … which is why the majority of TV gigs Grayson does are either on that assclown car wreck called MSNBC or HBO’s Bill Maher show. The problem is, the nation is led to believe Alan Grayson is the mirror image and resolute voice of his constituents that sent him to DC. Think hard and carefully in the election, FL-9. You do have a serious choice for sane and dignified representation on the floor of the US Congress … and on TV. “Stop the insanity!” The guy really does write the political ads for his own election opponent(s).

By the way, there are many minority members of the TEA Party, and growing, so, the above disgusting image is, I find, a not-so-subliminal threat to them by Grayson. Yet, people such as Grayson strip them of their skin color and heritage because they are not good little zip-lipped comrades for the “Progressive” cause. They must not think for themselves and expect others to do so as well. Minorities must have a political lobotomy or be skinned alive by the left. The jaded racist history of the nation’s democrat party is something the current democrats and the MSM try very hard to bury every moment of the day. However, since a republican POTUS broke free the chains of slavery, the liberal/leftist democrat party has slapped on new chains of oppression through endless entitlement baiting and addiction, and through ridicule and personal destruction for daring to have and practice free thought and free will … For stepping off the democrat party plantation.

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Grayson is defending his remarks and the KKK analogy citing erroneous claims of racism of the TEA Party (some of which were discovered to be interloping outside ‘plants’ at TEA Party rallies deliberately there for the MSM to do gotcha slams against the TP, and other claims having nothing to do with TEA Party affiliations).

Rep. Grayson blasted over anti-Tea Party email showing burning cross



5 thoughts on “Seriously, Florida? Seriously? – UPDATED

  1. Even if he wanted to, Grayson could only “control himself” so much, but since he’s gotten as far as he has, he feels “empowered” to be what he is, brazenly and unapologetically. Don’t blame him. Without his enablers, who are the real problem, he’d be just another anonymous and inconsequential obnoxious jackass.

  2. Grayson can dig in his heels because by now, if you’re “progressive,” practically anything goes–and he knows it. Calling Sarah Palin a cunt? No biggie; just don’t try it with Hillary Clinton, let alone Michelle O. You get the idea.

  3. asombra rules.

    So does the Newt Gingrich theory – if you want to know what a liberal/progressive is doing, watch what he is accusing you of.

  4. The only reason Grayson got back in was by stealing Osceola County. He “won” by some unreal percentage, I believe 63%. Not sure how they pulled it off. Until Demshevik supervisors of elections start getting lead poisoning in return for obvious corruption, you can expect it to continue. Why the election result was ever certified, who knows, one suspects coercion versus those who are in a position to investigate it. Other counties such as St. Lucie and Alachua had questionable turnouts also, well exceeding 100%, also certified. The same machine put the Holy Fascist Emperor into power for a second term also.

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