Update: About that offensive Halloween costume in Chicagoland…

article-2485213-1927A51600000578-200_636x382 It looks as if a very young white Mama down in Dixie might have tied or surpassed the offensiveness of that Afro-American teenager in Highland Park, Illinois.

Who wins the prize for most offensive and politically incorrect?

You decide.  I think the teenager in the Chicago ‘burbs wins because he adds religion to the mix.  And religion is the most offensive thing to the politically correct, unless it involves Islam, Satanism, or witchcraft, of course, which are never offensive.

From The Daily Mail (UK), a rare story that doesn’t include photos of scantily-clad starlets and Victoria’s Secret models:

Mom who allowed her seven-year old son to dress up like a KKK member for Halloween faces angry backlash

Sometimes, mother really doesn’t know best.

The mom of a seven-year old boy from Virginia dressed him up for Halloween night in a Ku Klux Klan costume.

Jessica Black, from Craigsville, says her little boy, Jackson who is sevevn actually asked if he could also dress as a member of the white supremacist group, so she decided to make him the costume. Ms Black says it’s a ‘family tradition’. ‘My brother dressed up as a member of the KKK when he was in Kindergarten and when he was 13,’ said Ms Black.

A reporter from WHSV asked the little Jackson why he decided to wear the controversial costume but it was clear from his answer that he did not know the historical signifiance of the outfit or how offensive the clothing can be.

His mother didn’t appear to know any better, justifying her actions by pointing the blame squarely in her sons’ direction. ‘I did tell him that if you do it, you know there’s going to be people talking about you. There’s going to be people saying bad things about you when you do wear it,’ she advised.

Much more HERE, including a video.



3 thoughts on “Update: About that offensive Halloween costume in Chicagoland…

  1. OK, so maybe she’s a stupid-assed cracker. But, if she were smart, she could simply say “Halloween is all about kids dressing up as monstrous creatures, so dressing up as a KKK goon fits right into that context.” Besides, there’s always the little matter of Dem senator Robert Byrd, who was real KKK, yet was eulogized at his death by the likes of Bill Clinton (aka America’s first black president). In other words, let’s be consistent and objective here, shall we?

    And btw, how come nobody “progressive” bats an eye when people run around wearing the image of the murderous psychopath “Che” Guevara, not at Halloween and not because they think he was a monster, but because they think he was very cool and admirable? So, you see, if anybody wants me to be upset over some clueless child and his, uh, limited mother using a KKK costume for Halloween, he’d damn better be totally appalled over the Che business. In other words, if you want me to be PC about your shit, you need to be correct about mine.

  2. Asombra,

    Che only murdered [read this as: carried out revolutionary justice] against Cubans [read this as “batistianos” or “those people”], so there is no comparison. REMEMBER, every group is allowed to have a historical memory. Blacks can go on forever about slavery even though it happened 150 years ago, they can go on about Jim Crow too, even though its a distant memory, but Cubans have to get over it! We can’t protest or get mad at anyone who wears a Che outfit or defends the regime or offends us in any way, because that we mean that we’re angry and full of “revenge fantasies” [actual words used by the New York Times in an editorial a few years ago].

  3. True, Ray, only “correct” victims are supposed to remember the wrongs committed against them and to keep insisting on justice, but that doesn’t mean we have to play along. Even if only for our own sake, we should keep calling BS every time we see it (though I know that’s practically constantly), and we shouldn’t honor those who don’t honor us. That’s why, for instance, people in Cuba who keep talking about Gandhi, Rosa Parks, MLK, etc. are wrong, in my opinion. We don’t owe anybody respect if they disrespect us. We shouldn’t follow the “rules” set by others who don’t give a shit about our tragedy and dump on us routinely. We shouldn’t let them have it both ways when they don’t want to let us have it even one. Enough.

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