Lara Logan Came Clean about a 60 Minutes Farce—When will Dan Rather?


Lara Logan and her 60 Minutes crew got snookered by a defense-contractor con-man. They were negligent and admit it. Dan Rather and crew volunteered to help a Stalinist con-man (Fidel Castro) stage a massive farce–a veritable show-trial complete with bogus confessions and coerced testimony. They knowingly snookered the American public.

Worse, most Americans fell for the farce. In their innocence (of Communist tactics) most Americans saw the Elian tragedy as a simple custody dispute, as happen hourly in places like Omaha, Atlanta and Peoria. That’s exactly what Castro, Craig and Rather wanted, expected and got.

Worse still, unlike Lara Logan, Dan Rather and crew never came clean, never admitted guilt as secret police and propaganda assets for the kidnapping of a six year old on behalf of a Stalinist Tyrant.

So who’s the major fraud? Logan or Rather?

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate items still shocking outside Miami-Dade.



One thought on “Lara Logan Came Clean about a 60 Minutes Farce—When will Dan Rather?

  1. When will Rather come clean? When he has no other option, which is unlikely to happen during the rest of his life. Same as for Clinton and the countless PC bastards who’ve screwed Cubans over one way or another for the past half century. People who do the sort of thing Rather did with this “interview” practically never come clean unless they have to, which is rare because the game is rigged in their favor, and they know it. That’s why they tend to be so cavalier and brazen, because they can act with the expectation of impunity.

    I mean, the Kennedy crowd screwed Cuba far worse than Rather, and despite all the dirt that’s seeped out over the years, they’re still acting like their shit don’t stink, and even going as far as “reconciliation” encounters with Castro, Inc. Besides, who’s a more disgusting enabler of evil, a smug MSM operator like Rather, or religious entities officially supposed to be serving truth and justice in the name of Christ? And btw, we’re never going to get anything even remotely approaching justice, not in this world. When you’ve been screwed by just about everybody for ages, it becomes a numbers game: there’s too many of them with too many vested interests, so it’s much more “practical” to “move on” or “turn the page” and leave matters be–especially when the culprits have considerably more influence and leverage than you do. That’s what they all expect and count on.

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