The Cubanization of Venezuela: Drug Trafficking, Marxist Rebels, and Chaos – ¡Vamos Bien!

The Cubanization of Venezuela is expanding at an alarming rate. Violent repression and the plundering of that nation’s resources by Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is only part of what is in store for Venezuela. Criminal enterprises and terrorism are the hallmark of Cuba’s regime, honed and perfected over a span of more than fifty bloody years of corruption, blackmail, hostage taking, and murder. As the colonization of Venezuela progresses, all of these horrific qualities become more apparent.

Drug Trafficking – via El Universal:

Venezuelan Embassy in Kenya allegedly involved in drug-trafficking

Amid allegations of drug-trafficking involving the embassy, Venezuelan authorities commented the embassy was seized by internal labor disputes

A witness in the case of the murder of Venezuelan Ambassador Olga Fonseca in Kenya 2012 told a court in Nairobi on Wednesday that the diplomatic mission would use the diplomatic bag for drug-trafficking purposes.”I am aware that the embassy was used to traffic drugs using the diplomatic bag,” said former embassy driver Kevin Lameck, AFP reported.

Fonseca, aged 57, was found strangled to death in her residence in Nairobi in July 2012.

Seven people have been accused in the case, including Dwight Sagaray, the then first secretary of the embassy.

Lameck’s statement was issued during cross-examination by Sagarya’s defense Lawyer Katwa Kigen.

Amid allegations of drug-trafficking involving the embassy, Venezuelan authorities commented the embassy was seized by internal labor disputes.

Colombian rebel group ELN seizes town in southwest Venezuela

The local press reported that community councils are negotiating with the insurgent group

A group of 25 people identified as members of Colombian rebel National Liberation Army (ELN) evicted some 150 people out of a tourist resort south Táchira state, specifically in La Espuma town, southwest Venezuela, local press reported.

According to newspaper El Diario de Los Andes, the troops carried rifles and were dressed in military uniforms. They kicked people out of their rooms. They asked for the owner’s location and ordered people to leave, saying “this is ours now.”

El Diario de Los Andes informed the guerrilla group gave inhabitants until Monday to leave town, claiming it was now under the ELN’s control.

Based on the newspaper report, community councils have been negotiating with the insurgent group.

Chaos – via The New York Post:

Venezuela headed for chaos

Venezuela headed for chaos

Venezuela is in a death spiral that could produce a crisis for the United States. Economic collapse, incompetent leadership and Cuban meddling may provoke a showdown among well-armed chavista rivals, with civilians caught in the crossfire. US diplomats, who’ve spent years ignoring or minimizing threats emanating from Venezuela, must act urgently to prevent a Syria scenario on our doorstep.

The late dictator Hugo Chávez left behind a mess: His divisive, illegitimate regime polarized society and devastated the economy. Inflation is running at 50 percent, while the vital oil sector is faltering. The bloated, bankrupt state can’t sustain the social spending that kept the peace; the nation already faces food shortages, power outages and rampant crime.

Chávez’s hapless successor, Nicolás Maduro, won disputed elections in April in what even he called a “Pyrrhic victory.” His mismanagement since has only hastened the country’s decline — for example, dealing with toilet-paper shortages by confiscating paper companies.

Maduro has resorted to accusing the Obama White House of plotting the collapse of the Venezuelan economy. He’s also created a “vice ministry of supreme social happiness” in an Orwellian gesture to tamp down widespread social anxiety. He even moved up Christmas celebrations up in advance of the Dec. 8 local elections.

Last week, Maduro publicly ordered retailers to lower prices on consumer goods. Security forces arrested dozens of shopkeepers and stood by as mobs emptied store shelves. Good luck seeing those shelves restocked. As he further tightens economic controls, Venezuelans will have to settle for what the government provides. Their only other choices: Flee the country, turn to crime — or oppose the regime.

Maduro is most worried about the last. He recently ordered the detention of several civic leaders who’d been mobilizing protest rallies. Regime sources say that he may even nix the upcoming elections and jail well-known opposition politicians.

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As Venezuela sinks deeper and deeper into the Castro/Cuba abyss, the Venezuelan people should prepare themselves to hear the oft-repeated phrase, “¡Vamos Bien!” (We’re moving along nicely).