“El disco rayado”: It’s always about the embargo over at The NY Times!

No matter what happens in Cuba it is always about the US embargo over at The NY Times:

“Mr. Obama took some tentative steps to ease the embargo in 2009 by allowing Cuban-Americans to visit and send remittances to the island. He also cleared the way for telecommunications companies to establish licensing deals in Cuba. But the administration has not pushed publicly for any significant changes since then.

The Castro regime has not helped. For the last four years it has imprisoned Alan Gross, a State Department contractor, for distributing satellite phone equipment to Jewish organizations in Cuba. Mr. Castro should release Mr. Gross and the numerous other political prisoners. But at the same time, Mr. Obama should press Congress to end the embargo and overhaul policy toward Cuba.”

CK.  So what has happened since President Obama took some “tentative steps” back in 2009?

The answer is the next paragraph:   “The Cuban regime has not helped……”

So let me get this straight.

We took some steps in 2009 and the result was Allan Gross and more dissidents imprisoned.

So we lift the embargo now and what happens?  Probably the same as the “Cuban regime has not helped….”

When are we going to get it?

The Castro regime needs to lift the embargo because no one wants to sell them anything on credit, or “son mala paga” like my mother likes to say.

The Castro regime does not pay their debts and they are hoping that some “come-m….a ”  in the US gives them credit or bails them out.

We should be tightening the screws rather than relaxing anything!




2 thoughts on ““El disco rayado”: It’s always about the embargo over at The NY Times!

  1. This is the same paper that supported an embargo against Pinochet’s Chile, and Apartheid South Africa. But of course, to hell with consistency of any kind. With Cuba, as you say, it’s the scratched record interminably repeating itself. Little does it matter that the issue here is that Obama shook raul’s hand at the worst possible time imaginable, December 10th, Human Rights Day! A day when human rights activists were again beaten and arrested in Cuba. But of course, the NYT’s doesn’t mention that. Instead, they use it as an opportunity to take swipes against the Cuban community.

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