Boycott, embargo, blockade (obsidio, opsessio) …whatever…. “Let’s Do It!” (“Faciamus!”) say hypocritical eggheads


Before you take umbrage at the title of this article, please note that the author is proud to call himself an Egghead (see portrait below).

Anyway, here we go: Some American professors are ready to promote the isolation of  Israel as their next cause.

Keep in mind that many of these professors consistently and vociferously decry the “agression” of the U.S.  “blockade” of Castrogonia.

Yeah.  Sad but true. Double-domed intellectuals are highly susceptible to the deadly Double Standard Syndrome (Pietas Ficta Subtilis), as well as to the even more deadly airborne Self-Righteous virus (Inflatus Magniloquus Emortalis).

From the Sacred Scriptures of the self-annointed thinking class, The New York Times (Tempus Novi Eboraci):

Self portrait of author with harmless ova
Self portrait of author –Herr Doktor Professor Eierkopf (Ovumcaput, a.k.a. Triapatinia)– with avatars of his origins and of his cranial capacity

Scholars’ Group Votes on an Academic Boycott of Israel

A growing campaign among American professors to isolate Israel reaches a milestone on Monday when a large group of scholars is expected to reveal whether its members endorsed an academic boycott of Israel to protest Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

The American Studies Association’s national council voted unanimously on Dec. 4 in favor of a boycott resolution, and put the matter to a vote of its almost 5,000 members, who had until Sunday night to cast their ballots online. The group’s stance has pitted scholars and organizations against one another in a heated debate about the ethics of academic boycotts, the motives behind the campaign and whether Israel is being singled out unfairly.

The movement to cut off relations with Israeli academic and cultural institutions dates back a decade, but organizers say it was not until April that an American academic group of any size, the Association for Asian American Studies, endorsed a boycott. The Modern Language Association’s annual meeting next month will include a discussion session on academic boycotts, and it will consider a motion critical of Israel for restricting professors’ freedom to visit Palestinian universities.

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5 thoughts on “Boycott, embargo, blockade (obsidio, opsessio) …whatever…. “Let’s Do It!” (“Faciamus!”) say hypocritical eggheads

  1. I am in the middle of reading The Ivory Tower, a compilation of Buckley writings from 1955 to 1957. All over the margins I have written, plus ca change….
    You would think he is writing about today. The words of the left are identical to today – the double standards of the left which is furious with McCarthy but sees no enemies on the left, and communism is okay by them, the selective indignation of the left – they are all in evidence and as Buckley rails about all of this he is on the receiving end of vituperation which is a riot.

    Remember my Newt Gingrich syndrome? Newt said, “If you want to know what the left is doing, watch what they are accusing you of.”
    So the left is castigating Buckley for closed mindedness, being on the wrong side of Americans, anti liberty, and for associating with bad people, etc. Every page I am open mouthed in astonishment wondering how goofy the left is and how devoid of self knowledge then, and how it is the same now. Nothing changes.
    So the left, which prides itself on being on the side of liberty, lauds Castro and Mandela and Obama and hates Israel, the only free country in the Middle East.

    I despair…..

  2. Well, you know how it is, the struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is seen as “right winged” [i.e. Israel] vs. “left winged” [Palestinians] struggle, so Academicians like moths irresistibly attracted to a fire jump in the middle of the fray. Its like the Cuba struggle, incredibly enough, the exiles [who are the victims] are seen as right-wingers, while castro who is the oppressor who has controlled the unchanging status quo for 55 years is seen as a left-winger [little does it matter that he’s a caudillo who admired Franco and who used to walk around Havana University with Mein Kampf and Mussolini’s tomes under his arms].

    I often wonder what if Hitler had been smart and instead of calling himself a Nazi, had enveloped himself in the paraphernalia of the left: banners, flags, slogans, collectivism, and speeches about sharing the wealth and the poor downtrodden, would he have received unconditional support from these blind academicians who support all so-called left winged causes?

  3. Honey, one reason they haven’t changed is that, despite being full of it, they’ve been quite successful, so it’s a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” so to speak. They have no reason to stop doing what’s worked so well for them for so long. One could say the same thing, in principle, about Castro, Inc. Such people absolutely do not care about being bogus, disreputable or contemptible, as long as they get away with it and wind up where and how they want to be. They’re not interested in being respectable; they simply want to be in control.

  4. Would the same people ever promote a boycott against Muslims for their treatment of women? Or their treatment of Christians in Muslim countries? Or 9/11? Or barbaric terrorist savagery in general? Would they ever take any action that was unfashionably “incorrect” and/or significantly risky? Absolutely NOT.

    This isn’t about Palestinians, by the way, just like all those gestures of support for Cuba’s “revolution” have never been about Cubans. These academics don’t really give a shit about either people. This is about THEM, their self-righteous arrogance and pretensions, their thinly disguised prejudices, their craving for relevance, significance, and yes, attention; this is about hubris and perverse blindness–and, as always, this is about obscene hypocrisy and bad faith. This is obviously not about lack of education or information, and presumably not about lack of intellect, but it is certainly about lack of both wisdom and decency.

    But there’s no shortage of Jewish academics, so where are they on this? Same place as Carlos Alberto Montaner and Ted Cruz were on Mandela, in full PC mode, despite the claims of truth and dignity? Maybe this will finally open the eyes of at least some liberal Jews to the fact that the “progressive” crowd never really accepted them and is, in effect, not so covertly anti-Semitic, only it has to find “creative” ways to express that–this obviously being a prime example.

  5. It is not merely a disease of academics. Variations of this pervade Jewish liberals who insist that Obama loves Israel.
    They believe what they want to believe and no evidence can dissuade them.

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