So-called “Exiles” Subsidize Castro Kingdom


Some facts about the “exile” community’s role in the Castrogonian economy

If you take a close look at the facts and figures detailed below, you will notice immediately that the Castro regime is now being kept afloat by exiles.

Ironically, the anemic and dysfunctional Cuban economy has now come to depend very heavily on the steady stream of  dollars poured into the island by Cubans living abroad, especially those in the United States.

In other words, not to mince words, the Castro regime depends on the hard work of Cubans abroad to keep their totalitarian dictatorship in business.

A fitting analogy:  Cubans on the island are hostages, and their relatives abroad keep paying ransom money to the kidnappers over and over again — money that allows the kidnappers to maintain control of the hostages.  With no end in sight.

It’s downright fiendish.  Demonic.  Disgusting.  Beyond belief.  Much of this behavior negates the “exile” status of many of these Cubans.

This subsidy to the Castro Dynasty comes largely in the form of dollar remittances sent by Cuban “exiles” to their relatives back home.  But another huge stream of income comes from the tourist industry, given that many of those “exiles” who visit the island go straight to beach resorts, and pay for hotels and rental cars.

A third sort of subsidy consists of consumer goods brought into the island by visiting Cuban-Americans.  The total dollar amount of goods brought to Castrogonia by these “exile” visitors in 2013 has not yet been calculated, but it is safe to assume that it must be in the hundreds of millions.

The facts and figures below come from The Havana Consulting Group (THCG), which is based in Miami.  It relies principally on information provided from within Cuba itself by the Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas e Información (ONEI).

The Havana Consulting Group also carried out a survey among Cubans living in South Florida (results of that not included here, but can be found in Cafe Fuerte, along with many other statistics).

So, do the math.  Add it all up.  Compare the total sum to the subsidies Castrogonia used to receive from the Soviet Union, or to the amount of “aid” it now receives or takes from Venenozuela.

As Pogo put it, in that old comic strip: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


From Cafe Fuerte, 20 December 2013: Go HERE for full report in Spanish.

Dollars sent to Castrogonia from the U.S. thus far in 2013:  2.77 billion

Estimated number of Cuban-Americans sending remittances to Castrogonia in 2013: over 1 million

Racial profile of Cuban-Americans who sent remittances:  82% white;  12% biracial; 6% black

Dollars poured into Castrogonia in the way of goods brought by visiting Cuban-Americans:  Not included in this study.  Estimate: hundreds of millions

Number of visitors to Castrogonia from the U.S.:  569,232  ( 471,994 Cuban-Americans;  97,238 non-Cuban Americans on people-to-people junkets)

Estimated final number of visitors from US for 2013: over 600,000

Cuban-American visitors who went directly to beach resorts: 36%

Percentage of Cuban-American visitors to beach resorts who stayed in hotels: 82%

Percentage of Cuban-American visitors to beach resorts who rented cars: 34%

Estimated amount spent on hotels and rental cars by Cuban-American visitors:  Between $659.8 and 665.9 million dollars.

Number of Cubans who emigrated from the island thus far in 2013:  56,207 …  Estimated total for 2013: 60,000

Estimated dollar amount of remittances expected in 2014:  3 billion dollars.



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  1. The key enemy has always been us, one way or another, it’s just that now that’s more crassly obvious than formerly. Cuba’s fall certainly involved external factors, but the basic problem was of native origin. The only proper response is shame, disgust, revulsion, repentance and a steely determination to reject such behavior…but the prospects don’t look especially promising, if at all.

  2. Senator Flake are you there? Are you listening?
    Things have only gotten worse since your ideas are being carried out.

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