“Brave Cuban Dissidents Attacked!”..Blah..Blah–“Record Repression!” Blah..Blah. Let’s cut the crap. Here’s what counts:


El Relajo kicks into high gear:

Even though 98,050 Americans traveled to Cuba in 2012 on people-to-people tours designed to increase links with the Cuban people, and almost as many took the tours through Nov. 15, 2013, Cuban-Americans visiting family members, and increasingly to do business in Cuba, account for the majority of the trips.

During 2012, 475,936 Cuban-Americans traveled to the island; through Nov. 15, 2013, the figure was 471,994, making it likely the 2012 number was surpassed by the end of the year.

Miami-based The Havana Consulting Group estimates that combined number of Cuban-American and people-to-people travelers will probably exceed 600,000 in 2013 — a boost for Cuba, which experienced a slowdown in European travel last year.

As often mentioned here at Babalu: the cash-flow from the U.S. to Cuba nowadays (primarily issuing from Cuban immigrants to the U.S. and made possible by Presidential orders) EXCEEDS Soviet subsidies to Cuba at their peak.

All that stuff about: “todos los Cubanos somos un pueblo!” sounds Oprah-like and heart-warming and nice–but count ME out. I have NOTHING in common with most of today’s Cubans, including the ones who emigrate to the U.S. And I want this made known…Y PAL CARAJO!

Until this economic lifeline (this dirty little secret UTTERLY UNKNOWN outside Miami-Dade) is cut–or at least squeezed–nothing will change in Cuba…the Castro Dynasty is laughing all the way to da bank.




6 thoughts on ““Brave Cuban Dissidents Attacked!”..Blah..Blah–“Record Repression!” Blah..Blah. Let’s cut the crap. Here’s what counts:

  1. Senator Flake, are you there? Are you reading this? And even if you were, would you be like those environmentalists who went to look for the disappearance of ice and got stuck in the ice so thick even the ice breaker ship got stuck, but not one of them will recant even having experienced this inconvenient truth. Will no facts convince you of the error of your ways?
    I believe someone should see that this post gets sent to Senator Flake personally.

    Also will we soon be reading of raids of homes by Castros thugs to steal these new goods?

  2. Honey, I’m no Flake fan, but even I can hardly blame him when so many Cubans are financing Castro, Inc. Yes, it would be wonderful for non-Cubans to “get it” and act accordingly, but if Cubans themselves are prepared to keep the Castro regime afloat, why should non-Cubans do any better? True, there’s some very serious emotional blackmail going on, but a LOT of the money and goods being fed into the regime’s mouth is NOT for essential, indispensable aid. In other words, the amount of the subsidy could be significantly reduced, but the remittance-and-travel business is simply out of control, and it will only escalate as more and more Cubans leave the island and join the racket.

  3. The “relajo” has been going on a long time, it’s just that more and more “exiles” keep joining in.

  4. Cuban exiles I understand a bit. They are living in freedom and maybe there is some guilt.
    But with Flake I expect more objective reasoning. I have had many arguments with Flake in person on this. He is good natured and smiles at me and puts his arm around me but I cannot convince him.
    When he supports open trade and tourism, explaining his support by saying that Cuba’s infrastructure could never control it or sustain it and Cuba would collapse, that is specious to me. He is a capitalist, an anti communist and claims he despises the Castros. I expect better from him.
    I keep thinking they have some pictures of him from a Cuban hotel room.

  5. Yes, Honey, emotional blackmail is based on guilt, so that does play a big role, but there are other factors–like shallowness, irresponsibility, shortsightedness, indifference, exhibitionism, and the ever-popular lack of dignity.

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