Lest we forget: How communism treats children

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

How communism treats children

“It’s hard to think anyone would abuse children in such a way, but we all know nothing is beyond the sinister, evil ways of the Castros. They have forged a seat in Hell at the right side of the Devil…” – Tanya, commenting on essay on How Castro’s Observe Christmas in Cuba

Ukranian child victims of Soviet Genocide in the 1930s

Unfortunately, the abuse of children is not limited to the Castros but is a feature of communism. In the case of Cuba under communism children have not only been abused but also massacred.

Some of the children and youth massacred by Castro regime on July 13, 1994

However this is not an isolated occurrence there is a larger pattern seen across the communist world. For the sake of brevity will touch on Romania, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and China.

10,000 Romanian babies infected with HIV through dirty needles

Imagine for a moment being born and placed in a cage as a newborn washed via a hose with cold water and never experiencing human touch. Fed like an animal and contracting HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases through dirty needles used to inject the child with vitamins. All of this done to sell the children, as one would any other commodity, on the international black-market. Heartless capitalists? No, heartless Marxist- Leninists in the Ceausescu communist regime in Romania. The regime decided it needed to increase its population and in 2013 Scientific American explained how this crime was systematically planned out and its aftermath in the article Tragedy Leads to Study of Severe Child Neglect.

Continue reading the horror suffered by children under communism HERE.



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  1. This is one reason why Ceausescu, like Castro, could never pay for his crimes, even though he was eventually killed. He couldn’t pay even if he’d been killed like the uncle of the current “Dear Leader” of North Korea. When evil goes beyond a certain point, earthly justice becomes impossible.

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