News Media Promote Statements by Dutch Twit on EU Cuba Policy as Big Deal


Dutch foreign minister mingles with noble savages
Dutch foreign minister mingles with noble savages

Search for news about Cuba on Google today and what do you get?

Lots of coverage of one insignificant story: The Dutch foreign minister visits Castrogonia and calls for warmer relations and “dialogue” between the Caribbean slave plantation and the European Union.

The minister’s words were just a personal expression of his views, not a formal proposal to the EU parliament.

Why all the fuss?  You know why.  It’s all very carefully orchestrated.

Among the items given the most attention within this “news” story (also emphasized by the publications of the Castrogonian Ministry of Truth):

The Dutch twit says that Raul’s reforms are a wonderful, “ecouraging” sign of change.  And he also suggests that an influx of European tourists will surely improve life for all Cubans.

Once again, the “correct” story gets all the attention.  Just like the scores of “news” stories about King Raul’s call for “civilized” relations with the USA.

From BBC, one of the worst and most constant offenders:

Dutch Foreign Minister wants warmer relations between the European Union and the Castro Kingdom

Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans has urged the European Union to take a new look at its relationship with Cuba.

Mr Timmermans, who is on a visit to Cuba, said the best way to promote change on the Communist-run island was through dialogue, not isolation.

The EU restricts its political ties with the Cuban government to try to encourage multi-party democracy and an end to human rights violations.

He is the first Dutch foreign minister to visit since the 1959 revolution.

Mr Timmermans said that the economic reforms under way on the island were “encouraging”.

According to Communist newspaper Juventud Rebelde, he told the Cuban Vice-President of the Council of Minister, Ricardo Cabrisas, that the economic changes were a chance to improve business and human ties between the two countries.

In 1996, the EU agreed on a set of rules governing its relations with Cuba, called the Common Position.

It states that the EU’s objective is “to encourage a process of transition to a pluralist democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as sustainable recovery and improvement in the living standards of the Cuban people”.

Cuba has rejected the Common Position, arguing that it constitutes an interference in its internal affairs.

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