The Phantom of La Habana

Fidel 2014

Fidel Castro made his first public appearance in nine months at the opening of an art studio in La Habana. His emaciated features would make him a prime candidate for a portrait by El Greco – a famous painter of the late Renaissance Spanish art whose art works were famous for elongated twists and forms, and unreal colors. I think that Fidel’s dia “ya viene llegando!”






10 thoughts on “The Phantom of La Habana

  1. Cadaveresque…Devilesque…Zombiesque…Vampiresque…Grotesque…Funerealesque…Kafkaesque… The coma-andante embodies the criteria of many styles, for sure…

  2. Fidel LOVES art. That’s why he effectively told Cuban artists, as early as 1961, “Do it my way or else.”

  3. This was really a misunderstanding. Fidel went out looking for Benedict XVI to have another nice chat, got disoriented, and wandered into some art gallery where people made a big fuss over him…that’s why he looks so bewildered…he just wanted the pope to hold his hand. Again.

  4. It pleases me to see that the piece of shit looks as dead and as decrepit as the very nation he agonized and ruined. I guess that’s it for the fake uniform but not the megalomaniacal desire for attention.

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