Escapades of Castro-loving celebrities, chapter 45,987,253 ….

Gerard Depardieu, humanitarian, philanthropist, mystic
Gerard Depardieu, humanitarian, philanthropist, mystic, gourmand

Celebrities who profess their love for the Castro brothers and boast about being friends with them are too numerous to count.

But you can always count on them to reveal their common baseness in myriad ways.

French superstar Gerard Depardieu –one of these cretins — is the latest to make a splash, literally.

Before you read about his latest escapade, keep in mind that Depardieu, a multi-millionaire who invested in the Castro dynasty’s oil drilling explorations, has fled from France in order to avoid President Hollande’s  punitive tax rates on the rich.  Also keep in mind the following interview from 2012:

Gerard Depardieu has revealed an unlikely friendship with former Cuban president Fidel Castro – sparked by a mutual love of food.

The French film star, who has invested in an oil field on the Caribbean island, tells Graham Norton on his show tonight that they bonded over a meal of ground meat paste.

“I met him 1992 when I made him pâté,” says the 63-year-old.

“He loves to eat also, and is very curious about food.

“He is a friend and I go hunting with him and with [current president and younger brother of Fidel] Raúl.

“They know everything about everything and they are normal people.”

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So, here you go: this is what this despicable salaud (scumbag) did to some real “normal” people a few days ago.

Gerard Depardieu ‘tipped buckets of water over revellers in the bar below his apartment after manager refused to turn music down’So,

French film star Gerard Depardieu is once again in trouble with the law- for allegedly hurling buckets of water onto customers of a bar beneath his holiday home.

Depardieu, formerly the bar’s best customer, allegedly lost his temper after a festive Christmas evening in the southern Italian city of Lecce.

Unable to sleep, the French Kiss actor asked the bar owner to turn down the music, and was outraged when the owner flatly refused to cooperate.
The following night, Depardieu, who has taken Russian citizenship in protest at French plans for a 75 per cent supertax, took matters into his own hands, local newspaper Quotidiano Puglia reported.

In a scene worthy of a character in one of his films- he allegedly began pouring water over the rambunctious drinkers.
The furious proprietor has retaliated by reporting Depardieu to the police.

Following the police action, the Count of Montecristo star has announced his intention to sell up.

He told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera: ‘The trouble is that I haven’t found here the intelligence, sensitivity and openness to dialogue that I know is part of the character of the people of Puglia.

‘I’m saddened by the rudeness, but it’s not nice to hear noise and screaming and swearing in the middle of the night.’

He added: ‘I feel extremely bitter about what happened. It’s an issue that bothers me but I don’t want to lose anymore time over it. It’s not worth it- I have better things to do.’

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  1. He looks grotesque, like a bloated old punk, or maybe late Orson Welles without the class. No doubt he’d get along well with the Castro bastards, who also know nothing about real class–except that they don’t like people who have it. It’s beyond obvious that every word he said to that Italian newspaper is self-serving BS. Another glorified POS.

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