Anti-Gay Russian vigilante group leader flees to Cuba

Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of a homophobic, anti-gay vigilante group in Russia responsible for the vicious beating and torture of gay teens has fled the country and is hiding out in communist Cuba. This will come as a surprise only to those who choose to remain ignorant of the reality of Cuba under the control of the apartheid Castro dictatorship since the regime has a decades-long homophobic history of persecuting Cubans for being gay.

The Castro dictatorship’s infamous UMAP camps where gay men were herded and forced to do hard labor have been well documented. These Nazi-style concentration camps had signs above the gates that read “Work Will Make Men out of You.”  The beatings, torture, imprisonment, and executions of gay Cubans simply because of their sexual orientation have also been well documented, but for a myriad of reasons, there are those who refuse to learn the truth about the vile Castro dictatorship.

Andy Towle from Towleroad has the report:

Maxim Martsinkevich, Leader of Russian Vigilante Group That Tortures Gay Teens, Has Fled to Cuba


Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the homophobic vigilante group “Occupy Paedophilia” that has lured and tortured a number of gay teens in Russia before posting its exploits to social media, has been on the lam for several months now, and Vocativ reports that he has turned up in Cuba:

Maxim, also known as “Tesak” (Russian for cleaver), bounced to Ukraine first, and is now in Cuba. Russian news site Life News ran an interview with him Wednesday.

According to posts on Martsinkevich’s VKontakte social networking page, he was in Cuba as early as December 10. According to the visa agreement between Russia and Cuba, Russians are allowed to stay without a visa for 30 days. That means he either needs to get a visa now, stay illegally or leave. And he says he doesn’t have the money to fly home.

In a post on his blog today, he talks about flying from Kiev to Havana via Frankfurt, and expounds on the lack of virtues of the German airport. Martsinkevich does not find German women attractive. He says nothing about his visa situation or future travel plans.

Martsinkevich posted a plea to supporters via his blog asking them to petition the Russian government to hold his questioning and trial via Skype. He also suggested a novel and laughable form of punishment:

“In case of conviction, I offer to serve the prison term virtually, by placing an avatar behind bars for the amount of time designated by the court. That would be fair and just, and would help bring about legal innovation. If you agree, repost this message.”

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