Debunking The Myth of Eco-Friendly Communism

Polluted river in Santa Clara, Cuba
Polluted river in Santa Clara, Cuba

One of the chief myths about Castrogonia is that its repressive regime has protected the natural environment, either directly, through deliberate ecologically-sound policies, or indirectly, as a result of the economic stagnation caused by “the blockade.”

PBS network did much to propagate this myth among its upscale left-leaning viewers through its 2010 Nature documentary, “Cuba: The Accidental Eden.”  (The uninitiated can watch the entire nauseating propaganda piece HERE.)

This myth of an Eden-like environmental paradise goes hand-in-hand with the myth of the noble savage, of course.  It’s sooooo wonderful that Cubans are such “natural” environmentally-minded primitives who just love the paleolithic lifestyle.  One American environmentalist who visited the island during the Special Period in the early 90’s gushed:

“There is an island in the Caribbean where at certain moments you feel that you are wandering through the pages of “Ecotopia,” Ernest Callenbach’s novel about an environmental and egalitarian utopia.  There are few cars and no smog.  There are no graffiti, no commercial billboards and signs….Everything is recycled, nothing wasted: the truck that delivers a box of fruit and vegetables to the hotel restaurant takes away of box of banana peels and trimmings from the day before.  Some communities get electricity from windmills and cow-dung slurries that generate combustion methane.  Small dairy herds have been established and new fields planted to make the island self-sufficient in agriculture and break its dependence on cash crops for export…The island is Cuba.”

Those who love the myth of the noble Cuban Revolution, naturally, will not pay attention to any evidence that contradicts this Edenic myth.  At the very same time that the insanely wrong passage above was written, a top Cuban scientist who fled to the United States–Dr. Jose Oro, former Director General of the Department of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Basic Industry — blew away the smokescreen (or rather exposed it).  In his words, “Environmental degradation in Cuba is rapid. We have the industrial production of Honduras and all the pollution of East Germany.”

These quotes are taken from an article published in the early 90’s that exposed the real horrors of environmental damage “Socialism in Cuba and the Environment”.  You can read the entire myth-busting piece HERE.

Sewage overflow, El Vedado, Havana, Cuba
Sewage puddle, El Vedado, Havana, Cuba, January 2014

So, here we are, twenty years later.  The Edenic myth is still entrenched, despite repeated efforts to demolish it, such as this article from 2012, “Cuba: The Silent War Against the Environment”

But today, yet another valiant — though perhaps quixotic –attempt has been made to expose the truth.  It focuses on eastern Europe.  But the same horrors hold true for Castrogonia.

From The Federalist:

If You Think Communism Is Bad For People, Check Out What It Did To The Environment.  And it’s not a coincidence or accident of history

By Colin Grabow

When pressed by Twitter critics earlier this month over the horrendous human rights record of his chosen ideology, Jesse “#FULLCOMMUNISM” Myerson struck back with this tweet:

Jesse A. Myerson @JAMyerson If I have to answer for Soviet gulags, these market/capital twits have to answer for climate collapse, the greatest genocide in history.

In addition to being an advocate for an ideology directly responsible for tens of millions of non-war deaths and untold human misery, Myerson has revealed himself as something of an ignoramus concerning communism’s shocking record on environmental issues.

Not only a blight on the human condition, communism’s impact on the planet’s ecology has proven consistently ghastly. When the Berlin Wall came down and the Iron Curtain was finally lifted to expose the inner workings of communism to Western eyes, one of the more shocking discoveries was the nightmarish scale of environmental destruction.

The statistics for East Germany alone tell a horrific tale: at the time of its reunification with West Germany an estimated 42 percent of moving water and 24 percent of still waters were so polluted that they could not be used to process drinking water, almost half of the country’s lakes were considered dead or dying and unable to sustain fish or other forms of life, and only one-third of industrial sewage along with half of domestic sewage received treatment.

An estimated 44 percent of East German forests were damaged by acid rain — little surprise given that the country produced proportionally more sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and coal dust than any other in the world. In some areas of East Germany the level of air pollution was between eight and twelve times greater than that found in West Germany, and 40 percent of East Germany’s population lived in conditions that would have justified a smog warning across the border. Only one power station in East Germany had the necessary equipment to clean sulphur from emissions.

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