Religious Persecution Increases in Castrogonia


Yes, this “time of reforms” is really bringing about real change.  Of the wrong kind, of course.

The sad truth is that in Castrogonia there are really TWO kinds of Christians: Those who render everything unto Caesar and those who don’t; that is, those who kiss the feet of the oppressors and help them stay in power, and those who refuse to do so and are persecuted.

Unfortunately, the persecution keeps increasing as more and more brave Cubans try to express their dissatisfaction with Caesar and his absolute claims.



Report: Cuba’s Raul Castro Still Persecuting Christian Church

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has renewed its call for Cuban leader Raul Castro to ensure that significant improvements are made in upholding religious freedom in 2014 after research showed a steady increase in religious freedom violations across Cuba in 2013 as the result of an ongoing government crackdown on religious organizations and individuals.

CSW documented 185 reported cases of religious freedom in 2013, up from a total of 120 in 2012. Many of the individual documented cases involved entire churches and denominations and large numbers of people. While Roman Catholic churches reported the highest number of violations, mostly involving the arrest and arbitrary detention of parishioners attempting to attend church activities, other denominations and religious groups were also affected.

Baptist, Pentecostal and Methodist churches in different parts of the country reported consistent harassment and pressure from state security agents. Additionally, government officials continued to refuse to register some groups, including the large Protestant network the “Apostolic Movement,” threatening affiliated churches with closure.

Church leaders in different parts of the country reported ongoing violations in the final weeks of the year. On Dec. 20, six members of an inter-denominational protestant group were beaten and imprisoned for nine hours in a windowless cell with no ventilation or light after attempting to carry out open air evangelism in the city of Bayamo. A few days later, on Dec. 22, 60 women affiliated with the Ladies in White movement were arrested in the early hours of the morning and held in prisons, police patrol cars and police stations across the country to prevent them from attending Sunday morning Mass.

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