Another Moronic Offensive Stunt to Take Place in Castrogonia

Let’s see how many Cubans I can offend with this stunt !!!

It had to happen.

Twits of all sorts pop up constantly who feel compelled to use exotic Castrogonia as the stage or backdrop for their mindless stunts.

This British woman is so clueless, and her story is so pathetic that it is hard to react to her case without seeming callous.

But four questions come to mind immediately.

First, why pick Castrogonia?  If she really wanted to cycle in a place polluted by bloodshed and injustice, why not pedal from Auschwitz to Buchenwald and then to Treblinka?  Is it because she prefers to pull her stunt in a warmer climate?  Or is it  because the blood spilled by inferior Caribbean natives is more colorful and exotic?

Second, is she fully aware of what awaits her?

Third, how many hundreds or thousands of Cubans have already completed this same journey on their crappy bicycles out of sheer necessity?

Fourth: Is cycling through a man-made hell on earth any way to honor one’s dead mother?

This latest stunt in the competition “Let’s see who can be most offensive to Cubans”  brings to mind a surprise phone call I  received about ten years ago from a wealthy Scotsman who boasted that he had sailed his yacht to Cuba and ridden his horse from one end of the island to the other.  He also boasted that he was the only man ever to have been allowed to bring his horse into the Hotel Nacional in Havana, and that he had picked up a beautiful young bride during this trip who loved him very much.  She was in her 20’s, he was in his 70’s, and he said that he was going to buy a house in Cuba and live there with her.  I didn’t dare shatter his illusions, but when I asked how he had fed his horse during this trip, he admitted that it had been a problem, and, worse than that, he had found it necessary to sleep next to his horse at night out in the countryside, out of fear that the locals would kill and eat his four-legged means of transportation.

Advice for this insensitive and clueless Briton: Cuidado! Never let that  bicycle out of your sight.  No one can eat it, but it will buy many meals.

From The Reporter (Gravesend, U.K.)

Gravesend woman set to cycle across Cuba in memory of mother

A Gravesend woman is jumping on her bicycle to ride 400km across Cuba in memory of her mother who died of breast cancer.

Tracey Siggers, 51, of Kitchener Avenue, is raising money for Women v Cancer which supports Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.

“I need to raise a minimum of £3,000 to support the three charities and I need local people and businesses to support me,” said Tracey.

She is part of a group of women tackling the fourth Women v Cancer challenge and fundraisers of all ages will be taking part in the ride across the Caribbean country.

Tracey’s mother Ann died 14 years ago at the age of 58 and donations are already pouring in to support her efforts.

The challenge will take between May 1 and 9.



3 thoughts on “Another Moronic Offensive Stunt to Take Place in Castrogonia

  1. “donations are pouring in”. That’s the dread sign, right there.

    It’s not the deluded, naïve, albeit well intentioned person who pulls the stunt, it’s the dingbat lemmings who give it moral and financial support.

    That’s the dread manifestation of a society gone genocidal, dedicated to its own destruction.

    It’s analogous to the editorial in the Prague newspaper several years ago which said of the anointed’s ’08 election victory, ‘a nation can survive this president but it will not survive the people who elected him.’

    We’ve had it so easy these thirty or so years thanks to President Reagan’s legacy of prosperity and peace. People have forgotten just how interesting things can become.

  2. This is analogous to a business convention in Hawaii, even though it’s very out of the way for those attending and the choice of Hawaii had nothing to do with the convention or its business–but everything to do with Hawaii being a desirable tourist destination. It’s far more legitimately desirable as such than Cuba, but legitimacy is a non-issue for certain people, lots of people. Brits may not be as bad as Canadians regarding Cuba, but they’re obviously related. To people like this woman, who’s pathetic even if she’s truly clueless, raising money for breast cancer in exotic and “edgy” Cuba, awash in noble savagery, is an absolutely brilliant combo. Of course, if she’s not clueless, then she’s not pathetic, but considerably worse.

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