Cuban exile actress lambasted for straying off the reservation

Running Man Maria Conchita Alonso


Ay Dios mio!  Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso has sparked a firestorm of umbrage by refusing to think “correctly,” as demanded by her Lateen-ahh identity.

Once again, we are given a glimpse of the moronic politics of ethnic and cultural identity embraced by leftists and the Democratic Party — which do not allow for the slightest departure from “correctness” by members of “oppressed” minorities.

Will these folks who condemn Maria Conchita Alonso ever realize that they are all bigots at heart?  Don’t count on it.  They are much more likely to slap the “racist” label on Maria Conchita and anyone who defends her  than to carefully examine their inverted bigotry.

Go figure.  And go watch one of Maria Conchita’s films, such as “Running Man” (see photo above), in which she starred with Governator Ahhhhrrrnold.

And do yourself a big favor and watch the commercial in question, which is hilarious, even though it is not really a good political ad and it contains one segment that could irritate our own great hunter, Humberto.


From Fox News Latrine-oh:

Latina Actress Under Fire For Endorsing A Tea Party Immigration Hardliner For California Governor

Conchita Alonso, the Cuban-Venezuelan actress who counts as one of her best-known films “Moscow on the Hudson” with Robin Williams, is drawing controversy over a political ad in which she appears with a California Tea Party lawmaker who is running for governor.

Several Latino organizations criticized the actress for endorsing Tim Donnelly, an assemblyman who founded a state chapter of the Minutemen, an armed vigilante border patrol group, and who has pushed for a hard line on immigration.

The critics also took issue with what they say is the stereotyping of Latinos in the campaign video in which Alonso appears with Donnelly.

In the video, which was released on Monday, Alonso holds a small dog that she introduces as “Tequila” and at times uses vulgar expressions as she translates into Spanish remarks by Donnelly about his views on various issues.

“The Tim Donnelly ad with Maria Conchito Alonso ad is so bad it’s almost laughable,” said a statement by Café Con Leche, a Latino Republican group. “The ad seems designed to appeal to Hispanic voters, but instead insults the intelligence of many Hispanic voters.”

The group said that Alonso was an example of how “time and time again movie stars often lack common sense.”…

..Alonso, a former Miss Venezuela, was born in Cuba but moved with her family at the age of five to Venezuela, where she was raised. She was known originally for her starring roles in Spanish-language soap operas before she broke into the U.S. film industry.

In 1995, Alonso became the first South American woman to star on Broadway when she won the role of “Spider Woman in Kiss of the Spider Woman,” according to The New York Times.

She made headlines a few years ago when she told off actor Sean Penn in an airport in California for his support of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. She called Penn a communist, and he called her a pig.

Full article HERE. (more details on California politics).



15 thoughts on “Cuban exile actress lambasted for straying off the reservation

  1. She should say she’s not “Latina” and doesn’t recognize that term, so they can go find somebody who does.

  2. The reservation guardians know they’re racist; they just figure minority types are too stupid to pick up on that.

  3. Lalo Alcaraz of that Cucaracha Comic Strip and Gustavo Arellano of the O.C. Weekly are anti-american and anti-cuban exile. the vile stuff these guys put out against maria conchita alonso and conservative cuban-american politicians is just plain hateful speech. The sad part is they never get called out for it. You will never hear a Jorge Ramos call out these guys for the vile comments toward Maria Conchita Alonso. When will these LATEEENO’s realize not everyone thinks like they do!

  4. What angers me the most is that radical chicanos et al., have highjacked the made-up term “latino,” have stuffed us all into that category and now insist that all of us have to think like they do or else we’re “vendidos” [one of their favorite words], or “Tio Tomases” [another of their favorite terms].

    I say to that screw you! I’m Cuban and my agenda is different than yours. Because I don’t agree with you that does not mean that I am a sell-out, because I don’t recognize you as one of my people! Is that so hard to understand?! I mean, the arrogance! Do we have a right to call them sell-outs when they wear Che t-shirts and make incessant apologies for the regime that has destroyed my homeland?

  5. A commentator posted a very clever response in a discussion board in regards to the Maria Conchita controversy. I thought that it was brilliant:

    “Black, Hispanic, LGBT, Diversity, Tolerance, and the Environment are trademarks of the Democratic Party. DO NOT STEAL. All Rights Reserved.”

  6. No “Latino” who’s ever condoned or supported Castro, Inc. has any moral authority to say a damn thing to or about Cubans, period. It’s truly astonishing (which is not the same as surprising) that this makes no difference to such people, which means they have neither decency nor class. Cubans have ZERO obligation to them, owing them absolutely nothing except grief and contempt. We are as alien to these people as they are to us, and lumping us together with them is simply absurd, not to mention insulting. Let them go their own way, for we will surely go another. I am not, of course, speaking for those disgraceful Cubanoids who’ve made a career out of kissing “Latino” ass, like Cretina S. and “El Gordo y La Flaca.” In a way, they are even more alien. As far as I’m concerned, they might as well be mutants.

  7. From this article :

    [[[The actress was to perform next month at the Brava Theater Center in San Francisco’s Mission District in a Spanish-language version of “The Vagina Monologues,” scheduled for a run from February 14th through 17th. The show is being produced by none other than Eliana Lopez, wife of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi … In the ad, Alonso holds a chihuahua named “Tequila” and uses some vulgar language which has also been a point of contention among some Latino viewers.

    “We don’t act like that. First of all, that is not a typical Latina,” said Jim Salinas, a long time Mission resident and former president of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club…]]]

    Me: HUH? Exsqueeezze me!!??!!??

    Maria Conchita Alonso displayed some ‘not-very-Latina-like’ “vulgar language” in the political campaign ad for Donnelly … As opposed to, what, reading live on stage the scripted dialogue in “The Vagina Monologues” … and a Spanish-language version, at that?!?!? Have you seen/heard the stuff those actresses read in those staged productions??!!?? Google it.

    Give me a break. We all know exactly what this was about, as does Alonso.

    Maria Conchita Alonso is not just some beautiful-faced “Yes woman” in the political ad. Toward the end she voiced strong opposition to hunting and her personal support for animal rights when Donnelly brought up the Second Amendment … Oh! But she did NOT speak out against guns/bullets!!! However, it is her conservative views on illegal immigration and what it is costing California that she is now paying for daring to voice.

  8. It is disgusting how Lalo Alcaraz, this Chicano is calling out Maria Conchita Alonzo vulgar names on his Los Angeles Radio show and on his twitter account. Where is La Opinion newspaper in Los Angeles or Jorge Ramos or Women’s rights group not saying anything about this? The plain simple truth is that Los Angeles and California Latino outlets are no friends whatsoever of the Cuban Community!

  9. and where is Pilar Marrero a fellow Venezuelan of La Opinion keeping her mouth shut on the matter. She always has a lot to say about Cubans in miami and not very positive things but on this matter she is nowhere around. La Opinion, The Granma Newspaer of Los Angeles

  10. What’s vulgar about the ad? Anyone who calls the ad vulgar is a total bullshit artist. And what’s stereotypical about it? You want stereotype, listen to a Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez or Cheech Marino monologue, OH BUT WAIT, it’s only vulgar if the person in question is a conservative!

  11. Ant-Americam Chicano Artist Lalo Alcaraz refuses to apologize for disgusting remarks he’ made towards Maria Conchita Alonso

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